Top Porter’s Five Forces Model PowerPoint Templates – Free PPT

Top Porter’s Five Forces Model PowerPoint Templates – Free PPT

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The business world is moving fast and technology is on a continuous run of discovery, developments, and getting advance, But analysis and models created ages ago are still in use nowadays. Today we will talk about one of the most effective and most used models, Porter Five Forces analysis. Porter Five Forces model was initially created in 1979, around 40 years ago, and still used in our modern-day. In this article, we will explain what is Porter analysis about and how to use it. Plus we will introduce some of our finest Porter Five Forces PowerPoint Templates designs for you to immediately apply.

Before giving you our goodies ( Free Ppt Slides) we will talk about our Porter Five Forces. Starting with addressing Porter’s analysis is a really effective tool if used right.  It helps you determine your competition environment fair and square from every angle.

When Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter thought of this creation back in the 70’s, he knew n deed that competition affects your company growth and so your profitability and stability. Explaining each of the five forces in the next lines to provide enough information so you can apply.  Porter wrote in a Harvard Business Review article the following  “Understanding the competitive forces, and their underlying causes, reveals the roots of an industry’s current profitability while providing a framework for anticipating and influencing competition (and profitability) over time,” so here they are: 


Porter Five Forces Analysis


1- Competitive Rivalry: 

This somehow something a little obvious but it totally counts, I mean, of course, you will look for your direct competition and competitors but adding it to the other four forces is what makes it really different as they are complimentary for each other.

How many are they? how strong they are? what you have in common and how they differ?! what they numbers say….. more and more like these questions. It mainly focuses on your rivals and how your customer perceives them and how do market place deals with them?


2- Barging Power of Suppliers:

A supplier can control a lot about your business if they are the source of your product resources they can control the amount and the price of your service or product. That’s why it’s important to understand who are your suppliers and how much control they have over you. Most of the time, if the suppliers are few their power, is big. so finding balance and studying this is really important.


3- Barging Power of Customers:

This force is highly sensitive since most of the time consumers define how your business will deal with everything, quality, price, and the process of delivery. But the main reason we added this to Porter’s Five competitive Forces is that consumers are easy to switch to other brands and businesses, once this suits them more. so how you will keep them and how you will create the needed process to always choose you is a bit of a challenge.


4- New Entrants:

Here we are talking about how competitors are willing to join the market place. How you will deal with it when it happens and of course how you are planning to up grow them all.


5- Substitute Products or services:

In this force concept, we focus on the other choices of products or services that full fill the consumer needs in the same way even if they are not the same type of products. For example, a Gym subscription and a working out app on your phone are not the same product but of course, they help you have the same results and you can replace a one with another…. so how you will convince your customer to move their body extra and drag them to your gym instead of downloading an app with a simple click.


Porter Five Forces PowerPoint Slides


Top Porter’s Five Forces Model PowerPoint Templates – Free PPT

This blue design is a professional PowerPoint design that inspires you to apply Porter’s five forces and create a competitive environment analysis that helps your business to strive.


Top Porter’s Five Forces Model PowerPoint Templates – Free PPT

A different layout that makes it possible to write thoughts and notes about you Porter fives forces analysis with five differen[t color rectangles.


Top Porter’s Five Forces Model PowerPoint Templates – Free PPT

A colorful design that fits the criteria of a creative presenter that want to create a Powerful presentation about Porter’s five forces.


Top Porter’s Five Forces Model PowerPoint Templates – Free PPT

A layout the helps you explain Porter’s Five Forces analysis. This design can be added to your presentation and you start discussing what are these forces responsible for and how you can apply them to your business.


Top Porter’s Five Forces Model PowerPoint Templates – Free PPT

To understand Porter’s Five Forces we introduce a modern design that focuses on addressing information about each force of them. You can use this Porter’s five forces PowerPoint slide to create a cool display and share it with your team.


A great tool to complete your analysis is a Porter Five Forces PowerPoint slide that reflects on how this analysis work and the next steps after.


Top Porter’s Five Forces Model PowerPoint Templates – Free PPT

A minimal design with a light color palette that helps you focus on the five forces of Porter,  This PowerPoint design is an infographic shape to give you a variety of using options. It can be totally used multiple times for different topics.


Top Porter’s Five Forces Model PowerPoint Templates – Free PPT

a Porter’s Five Forces PowerPoint slide that can be included in any report, an analysis document, or a presentation that you will share with the audience. Five rectangles that represent each force from the five.

As we mentioned before Porter Five Forces is a very powerful and important competitive analysis to make, providing you with Porter’s five Forces PowerPoint slides is a way to support your analysis and how you will communicate it with the interested parties.

All of the mentioned PowerPoint designs are totally editable and can be customized to meet your brand and the need of use. With a resented mind we would recommend to even use them in other topics, we are sure that these layouts are totally flexible to be utilized, just insert your text, change the color themes, choose your fonts and adjust icons.

Download them now and check out our Premast Templates, we would be happy to get feedback and recommendations on what you want to see next.



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