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Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Model for PowerPoint


Got a presentation on Porter’s Five Forces Analysis and looking everywhere for efficient, visually-astounding and professional templates to work with? Well, look no further, because Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Model PPT has what you need already to make your audience tick!

At the top center of this Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Model PowerPoint slide template, you find the title “Porter’s Five Forces” in bold letters to immediately grab the attention of your audience to the main subject of your presentation, along with a sub-title in order for you to hint any important piece of information regarding the 5 Forces Analysis.

Then, in an easy-to-follow circular fashion from the top left, the slide examines Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Model in-depth, beginning with the force of Potential New Entry topping a text box for a quick description, followed by Competition Rivalry, Suppliers, Substitutes, and Buyers, all with different colors to make each force visually distinct from the other, and with text boxes for short descriptions that allow your audience to keep up with your illustration, step by step.

When it comes to the general visual aspect of the slide, the combination of both relevant icons and systematically-arranged text is very comfortable to follow in this Michael Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis PPT, while the hexagon shape in the center of the slide transmits an appealing feel to the eye with its soothing edges and elegant, cool colors, making your audience feel visually at ease during your entire presentation.

This slide is totally editable. The color palette, the text, all can be fitted to meet your own custom needs and choices, with the potential to add more items if needed. So whether you are a university professor, a student, a marketeer, or a businessman looking for a smart-content and visually-stunning Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Model PPT for your presentation to be much more vivid and engaging, this professional design gets you one big step closer to achieving that goal! Try it out and start impressing!

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