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Organize Presentation Files, Templates, and Images: Effortlessly organize all your presentation assets in one centralized location. Create folders and nested folders to categorize your files and keep everything neatly arranged. Say goodbye to scattered files and hello to a well-organized library.

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Collaborate and Share with Your Team: Share your presentation assets with your team members, enabling seamless collaboration and teamwork. Grant access and permissions, ensuring everyone has the right level of involvement. Work together to create impactful presentations and deliver outstanding results.

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Folder Organization

Folder Organization and Nested Folders: Take advantage of our robust folder organization system. Create folders and nested folders to match your preferred structure. Keep your assets neatly organized and quickly locate what you need with ease

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Access Your Assets from PowerPoint and Google Slides: Enjoy the convenience of accessing your presentation assets directly from within PowerPoint and Google Slides. Our plugin integrates seamlessly, allowing you to browse and import your assets without leaving your presentation workspace.

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