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Brand Kits

Premast for PowerPoint introduces multiple brand kit to apply your brand guidelines to the designs and share them with others to use as well. Your logos, fonts, color palettes, and images are easily accessed inside PowerPoint itself.

Cloud storage to create personal library

Now you can simply build a personal library of images and PowerPoint on Premast. You can also access this files inside your PowerPoint to add an incorporate them into the design you are creating. Library feature enable you to share your library with others too.

Fully editable designs

Customize your presentations and content to fit your own style. All items are fully editable which leads to a phenomenal professional experience. This Powerpoint add-on acts as a huge library for you to dig, edit and use.

Continuous updates

You will always find new items to try out. Our designers create design assets that fit the market and meet the trends. Premast provides you with high-quality templates that fit hot new topics every week.

Continuous updates
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is payment secure?

Yes, first all your payment data is hosted by our secured partner Paddle and we haven’t any access to this data, Also you can pay using your bank card or with PayPal so your payment is secure 100%.

Is there a free trial for a new user?

You can Start for free and access all free templates and graphics and use the Plugin for PowerPoint and Google Slides and more features! Until you want to upgrade to our premium plans. Create a free account 

Can I use your templates to create presentations for my clients?

Sure you can, do use Premast items to create presentations for your clients, but kindly check our terms for using them before you do!

Can I refund if I’m not satisfied?

If you are not happy with our products and tell us why not then we will refund you (100% Money Back Guarantee)

Refund Terms

  • you can ask for a refund in 15 days (annual subscription)
  • you can ask for a refund in 3 days (monthly subscription)
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