Yearly Project Budget PPT Slide

Yearly Project Budget PPT Slide

Yearly Project Budget PPT Slide colorful design. A new PowerPoint slide added to our collection. A modern, creative, and professional design to add to your PowerPoint presentation and add some visuals to your content. Such a cost estimation in project management ppt can be used in multiple situations, presenting to your team, preparing a report to your management, handling a report to your client, or even as a visual aid tool in some seminars. No limits to the possibility of using this simple design.

As seen in this Yearly Project Budget PPT Slide, there is a circle at the center of the ppt slide, with four different colors demonstrates the four quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3& Q4).

Each quarter is determined with a different percentage. You just need to insert the needed text and share a very unique slide. This project cost management ppt is not only for a year based budget, you can actually use it for other topics and new ideas. Think outside the box, edit it to fit your needs and style, and try it out in different situations. You can totally edit the color theme choosing from the color palette available. Try a new font out and adjust all the mentioned icons. Download it now and start designing.

ali maher
By ali maher
DownloadUpdated Jul 2020

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