Alumix Free Pitch Deck presentation template

Alumix Free Pitch Deck presentation template is a free powerpoint template which will help you to make your next pitch deck presentation with 10 unique slides useful for startups, business, investors generation, etc

What is Pitch deck presentation:

Pitch Deck presentation is a brief presentation that can be done on a PowerPoint and used to display an overview of your business. Pitch Deck presentation used in meetings, conferences or online for your customers, investors and future partners.

The basic slides to be used in the Pitch Deck presentation template are:

  • Introduction
    A brief idea of ​​your business and what you want to do, what your vision and vision.
  • Team
    Team work behind your business and their roles.
  • Problem
    What is the problem you are solving?
  • Advantages
    What makes you different and distinct from your competitors?
  • Solution
    What solutions are suggested to solve this problem?
  • Product and services
    What your products or services are and how they work?
  • Traction
    How many customers you serve to prove your commitment?
  • Market
    What is your target market, its characteristics and size.
  • Competition
    Who are your competitors and what solutions they offer, or what other solutions to the problem have been put forward.
  • Business model
    How profits will be saved and when you expect to start making profits
  • Investing
    What percentage of investment you need and how you will get it
  • Contact

You can easily make a PowerPoint presentation but it is difficult to make it look special because you will need an experienced presentation agency  to get a good visual and eye catching presentation.

You can now make a great presentation using “Alumix Free Pitch Deck presentation template”, which contains 10 unique and distinct slides compatible with the basic of pitch deck to get a great presentation very quickly and with less effort

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Alumix Free Pitch Deck presentation template slides

  • Cover Slide
  • Agenda slide
  • executive summary
  • Vision and mission
  • Industry growth
  • Our service
  • Iphone Mockup
  • Company timeline
  • Our team
  • Map
  • Thank you page
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