How To Boost Your Professional Confidence- 9Tips

How To Boost Your Professional Confidence- 9Tips

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First we have all to agree that “You are the only person on earth who can use your ability.” Like Zig Ziglar said before. Gaining confidence and reflecting it on the world is one of the most spoken topics ever. You will find ted. talks about it, articles blog and videos pushing you to own your area and expand your limits which are really great and reflect on all your life aspects. In this article we will specify your work life with the talk.

Stepping in the world of creating a career is exciting and stressing at the same time. You are always under the pressure of being accepted and acknowledged by your experience and abilities. Simply you will enjoy this ride  if you

  • Able to challenge yourself
  • Know the best way to deal with your aims and dreams
  • Knowing that it’s all for you by you to you!


(I)Able to challenge yourself:


 “If you don’t challenges yourself, you will never realize what you can become.” Anonymous


1- Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone

Okay its known guys, comfort zone make us stable and if the whole world is expanding and you are stable you are shrinking, we don’t like shrinking!

For example; you are able to speak in front of this office or group of people, you are able to speak your ideas and creativity even if it’s not save jump and do it. Jumping out of your comfort zone is a magic that happens for you, you challenge yourself to explore every inch of your abilities and possibilities.

2- Learn and develop new skills:

We talked about shrinking right?! Another not good thing is limiting, limiting your abilities and knowledge is really sad for the human being nature. Your marvelous brain can talk you over time and places while you are in the same exact chair and in the same exact second.

Travel through knowledge challenge your learning and practicing. For example learn a new theory or tool that benefit your job or even read about the historical evolution to it so you can know from where it all started. Even on a personal level, learning a new skill help you impress your co-workers and say a lot about your personality.

3- Ask Questions:

Asking questions is the key to having answers and having answers stretch your knowing muscle and as a result it expands all what you are able to live in your life time.  Ask if you don’t know or don’t understand. Ask experts how they got there.

Ask successful people on their failures and how they dealt with it. Ask people for contacts and when they prefer you call them. Ask your coworker for his/her feedback. Ask questions small ones and big ones just have answers and evolve.


(II)Know the best way to deal with your aims and dreams:


Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”– Arthur Ashe


4- Try and Repeat:

If you don’t try and fail and try and fail, you will stay where you are! Doing things with your hands mostly develop nailing it with your brain and if it includes physical effort, you will only need to repeat it until you nail it. Discovering in the process the way it fits you.

An advice here, do not give up easily, one day at a time and everything will be great.

5- Build On Your Success:

A lot of us focus so much on our professional confidence and that we need to have a huge scale of information that we jump from a section to another without really knowing it. If you are successful in a place build on it. If you are good at something develop it, see where you can take your successful skill.

Working on what your already know and proved give you strength and confidence to create more successful stories to share. If you are good at something take it to another level.

6- Do it your way:

You know this super famous quote “be yourself everyone else is taken” it’s not just about this but really do it your way cause others way may not fit you. Listen to their experiments and pick what fit you pass. Developing your own plan and learning process is the key to expand your career life.

To through yourself in what other people experienced is really naive and show you are living someone else’s life. To be confident you need to put your mind and soul out of your body. Prove your uniqueness and everything will flow in place.


(III)Accept you are doing it for you and by you!

“ You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”– Maya Angelou


7- Evaluate yourself honestly and bravely:

Now my friend, why to lie? It’s your inner self who want to gain confidence so truly and strongly admit your strengths and weakness. Ask yourself what is the problem, why you cannot step up and why you truly want to be more noticed and what you need to be.

Look at the mirror and practice your introduction and evaluate your performance don’t be hard on yourself but be honest.

8- Dress your dream job, dress your aimed reflection:

Wearing clothes that is comfortable fit your style and size makes wonders happen. Dressing makes you able to step up and be noticed. I don’t say go crazy shopping, actually doing this fitting your budget is a must, and you won’t be able to feel any confidence with empty pockets.

Dress the job you want to have in 5 years- time or even 10 years, and you will find yourself acting like it, developing like it and achieving like it too.

9- Have Fun and Have Journeys:

Okay, now listen embracing it all make you do more and want more of this adrenaline rush. Achieving your true self and discovering your career bath is a really rewarding experience. Have fun knowing and evolving; have fun introducing yourself to new opportunities. Embrace your journey.

Your Professional confidence simply is you being on good terms with your true self. Seeking and taking opportunities. You already own it all dear, start your journey and shall we share with you more on this topic. 

How To Boost Your Professional Confidence- 9Tips          How To Boost Your Professional Confidence- 9Tips             How To Boost Your Professional Confidence- 9Tips


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