DIY Social Media Design: Branded Enough To Wow Your Audience

DIY Social Media Design: Branded Enough To Wow Your Audience

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Marketing your business is a work worth investing your time and effort. Now social media makes it even easier for you to reach people in different places and time. Social media users are making decisions on it. Of course you made your research about the channels that you need and where is your audience located, if you are going to count on yourself as a startup, you are responsible for all the aspects but today we are going to be a little specific. Let’s talk about social media design.

As mentioned managing your marketing while you are starting is pretty easy, you just need to have a plan with a clear vision where you want to take your brand. A huge part of marketing nowadays is using social media plat forms. Actually these platforms are changing gradually to be a trading platform. To master it you need to practice and test different strategies, you need to create content regularly and a part of creating this content is visual content.

Designing your content is easier with us at Premast. We provide different types and categories of needed social media designs. Each design contains various chances to meet your branding guide lines. As we provide unlimited color palette and different fonts choices plus inspiring you to change the whole design. But first before getting into that we need to discuss what a branded design is and why it’s important.


Why branded social media is important?!

To plant the identity of your brand on people minds you need to unit all the aspects of it, the name meets the logo reflected on the design. When having a guide lines such as colors and fonts you use everything become related.

Have your own voice increase authenticity, it help drawing your audience to your brand. Being unique and standing out in your own way, makes you able to prove you image. Social media design is one way to do so

And now a few points to focus on to keep your designs branded.

Have your own voice

By this we mean the context of your brand message that you are trying to deliver. Your message should unite in every post you post on all the channels. If two people were asked about what your brands offers the success is that both of them give the same answer.

The tone of voice you are using, is it friendly or formal, the colors are vibrant and popping or calming and quit! Here we are talking about both wording and the visuals you are using.

Brand your design with your logo

As much as it sounds obvious, some people miss it.  Using your logo ensure brand awareness as people sharing your content and as long sharing your logo.

Logos are the visual mark that makes people remember you instantly when seeing it. Connecting it with your designs and content in general helps you outreach more potential brand enthusiastic. no better way than using social media design on social media plat forms.

Have your own brand guidelines

Colors and fonts even the style you are using is all about branded content. Recognizing your brand become much easier if you have a defined colors palette and one or two fonts.  Actually this is the most important part when it comes to branding.


At the end we at Premast know the struggle of designing and we want to help, that’s why we introduce punch of designs you can go creative with changing them around to fit your brand guide line.


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