Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack

Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack

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People who are in the field of business understand how important a presentation can be and how much it could worth especially if they are looking for investment or reporting for higher management. As much as it seems all figured out but not all of are in good terms with numeric information and statistics. That’s why we decided to talk with you about one of the most important tools that help and support your content, dashboards. Dashboards templates are totally one of the most needed tools in different fields and for different aspects, Dashi Dashboard PowerPoint Bundle. Before introducing our really helpful tool to help you but all possible dashboards in your Pockets.

Here some benefits of using Dashboards.

  1. Provides Transparent data: In many businesses data is complicated in general, they are a lot and diverse. Dashboard templates give you a chance to access and understand your data.
  2. Provides accessible data: If you are using dashboards ppt you probably have immediate access of an overview of your performance that helps you track and analyze.
  3. Makes you a better decision-maker: Having an overall look at your data across the business department. It gives a clear vision on the state which makes it more effective for you to make a decision.
  4. Accountable data: Accessing the real data reflects on what is really good and right and what is happening wrong. It provides real data that you can count on and makes it easier for your team following.
  5. Interactive Experience: Dashboards digitize all your numbers and give a logical explanation of how things go. Dashboards give a dynamic flow of how to use this data.

And now after clearing things up, let’s talk a little about Our Dashi Bundle. Dashi dashboard bundle is a product based on dashboards in different design forms, for different purposes and in multiple categories.


Design our dashboards in a PowerPoint format made it really easy to edit and change in each ppt slide. As we provide different themes and variety of icons and shape that support your content. You can:

  • Easily Change Icons
  • Edit charts
  • Type Face setting
  • Choose different color schemes

Our Dashi dashboard Bundle contains six different Categories that touches all kind of fields and business activity with different dashboards tools and Different types of charts and shapes which are:

  1. Financial Dashboard
  2. Social Media Reports
  3. SEO Dashboard
  4. KPI Dashboards
  5. Project Dashboards
  6. Dashi Marketing

Now let’s go over each article and see how it goes. Dashboards PowerPoint template is one of the most important searches presenters do while preparing their content. And even it used to track and keep everything in order.  With no farther ado, let’s start.

Dashi Dashboards PowerPoint Templates Bundle Categories:


Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack



One of the main categories here is financial dashboards, As financial departments and expertise are now trying to make it easier to track a lot this numeric data and measure the results. Having one of our dashboards will help you have fast access to insights which will automatically affect the improvement of the financial state in general. To track and analyze expenses, budgets, financial balances and analysis is the key of financial planning. Dashi financial dashboards give you all of this and more.

Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack


It’s no secret that social media platforms are providing you with analysis for how your account is doing among competitors, but the thing is each platform is focusing on it’s own and even not all in specific and clear way. Having a social media dashboard template give you advantage as you can keep eye on all the plat form in one place. Once you update the slide numbers will show the affect. It is a strong tool that helps you reflect on your engagement, reach or conversion. It makes it easier to talk to your client or team about it. The perfect way to track and analyze your social media metrics is definably an interactive editable dashboard like Dashi’s.

Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack

SEO is one thing that not all people get, when talking in details; SEO is totally complicated and interfaced. In any SEO campaign you need to make sure that the key activities of your campaign is well done and each key part is in the right place and function. To track the conversion rate, organic traffic, website conversion rate, backlinks, keywords effectiveness and more is tiring and makes you dizzy. Imagine if you have to report it or present about it too. With Dashi SEO dashboards template, we got you covered.

Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack

You know what is really common between any industry or field, yup right KPIs. We all need key performance indicators to make sure we are on the right road. KPI dashboards help you track your metrics and reflect on them. What is really awesome about Dashi is that it help you have a customized ppt slide with any KPI you need to figure out.

Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack

Project dashboards are as they look like PROJECT’s which means team. Any project is assigned to a team, using dashboards helps putting all the included parties involved an informed with what caused when and where!

It makes it easy to track your project and have a real time on going data sharing.

Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack

If you are in the marketing field, you for sure know how it is difficult to arrange your data and present them as understandable information that you can reflect on and present to others. Our free dashboard PowerPoint presentation template for marketing is here to help in that. You can use our marketing dashboards for multiple purposes such as reporting for your customer, comparing results, calculating budgets, advertisement reflection and more. It is a tool that can be used with numbers and statistics to change your numeric data into clear mand making sene information. charts, tables, dashboards are included. Piecharts and bar charts are really great option for measurement and presenting. Whether it’s project management, social media marketing, advertisement, budgets and etc this PowerPoint template surve it all.


Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack


Now, we are really glad that you are checking our Dashi dashboard bundle and hope you find all your needed dashboards. make it easy for your self, have fast access to your insights, share your results and measure your business performance the best way possible. Our Dashi Bundle is in a continuous updating plan, so if you buy it today you will be updated forever for free. One of the great perks of joining our community is that we are in a sustainable development plan to meet your needs and fill the gaps as much as needed. Check it now and join the journey.


Dashi Bundle: Top Dashboard PPT Templates pack


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