6 Tips to Present Technical Information to Non-Technical Audience

6 Tips to Present Technical Information to Non-Technical Audience

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Each field has the technical languages that define it and help people to communicate. The great thing about technical languages and weird expressions is that they make the information clear and into the point. But the not very good thing about it is that not everyone can understand it. That’s why presenting technical information is not that easy!

Now think about it if you have a technical background and you need to present technical information to people who don’t understand this language. It’s exactly like giving a Spanish presentation to french people who don’t understand Spanish by the way, LoL!

So you tech dummies leave this part for us. In this article, we will show you how to present technical information to non-technical audiences easy and smooth. Here are six tips to do so.

  1. Start from scratch
  2. Make it related as much as possible
  3. Engage them
  4. Don’t Shower them with Data
  5. Be Humble
  6. Read Your Audience



And now to 6 tips to rock your technical presentation


1- Start from scratch

  • In the beginning, don’t assume that your audience has even basic technical knowledge or understanding of your language. They are a blain page most of the time attend your presentation for non-related technology reasons in the core.
  • Prepare something like a quiz for your attendees before starting to determine their skill level.
  • Having documentation of terms to use during the presentation can be a good idea. you can share it with them and make it easier to understand the terminologies.
  • While speaking tech is kinda your nature, it seems intimidating to the non-technical audience


2- Make it related as much as possible

  • To make Your non-technical audience more receptive to the information you are providing you need to tell them how it will help them achieve their goal or benefit their interest.
  • Study the situation fully before starting presenting technical information. You need to know why these people decided to attend and listen to yo, what are their bain points or how they are related to what you are offering.
  • Try to introduce terms that they will use in their everyday workday and tell them why they are related. This will make them feel excited about what they are receiving and will make sense to them.


3- Engage them

We know when presenting technical information and speaking tech language, there is the excitement of using numbers and charts everywhere. They represent performances and results, really cool hah! But to the non-technical audience, it’s really hard to keep up with you. They need to see simple visuals and icons more.

Representing information by using illustrations. Easy and fun slides and more importantly let them share what they see and how they see it. Mostly this way fit all learners and make the information stick to the head.


4- Don’t Shower them with Data

All of us the tech dummies, feel the rush to share complex data to make a point, but if this data is not digested we never make that point!

To present technical information, of course, numeric and complex data is involved. You have to hold your breath and find a smart way to present it. You may utilize a tool that enables you to personalize dashboards and reports such as using customized templates from Premast.

By creating the right visuals with your data, you can encourage your non-technical audience by only showing important and relevant information. Which resulted, attendees, can create easily reports that highlight the most important information.


5- Be Humble

Each one on this earth is good at something but there is this theory that techies are smarter and have larger brains. While the brain thing is maybe right, I mean how else we would hold all of this technical information and speak such spooky languages! But intelligence vary and we all know this now.

You need to break the ice and show that we all are equal it is just you are more into this. If your non-technical audience feels that they been talking down, it will immediately turn them off and make them feel they will never get it. Plus they won’t fully in love with you here, assuming they are not as smart. So taking it easy and breaking the ice should create a vibe of mutual interest and support throughout presenting technical information.


6- Read Your Audience

This tip actually works for any presenter but let’s where you choose and talk technical. You remember back at school when first took the division, the long one! It was hard to keep up before understanding the mechanism of it. okay, that happens tell know when we don’t understand something. Maybe we are not kids anymore but we will act lost too.

When presenting technical information you need to track the reactions, facial expectations, and how much they participate. Be attentive to your audience. Focus on how your voice and body language affect their reception. This is the key to deliver the information needed, to know when to state a fact, when to tell a story and when to make them engage.



Presenting technical information is a powerful thing to do, you help people get the harvest of years and years of searching and involving. Understanding the great role you may be playing in your audience minds as each information will lead to a conclusion mostly they didn’t know before listening to you, will help you stay active and present these technicalities with enthusiasm and eagerness. Prepare your tools, study your audience, and start spreading the light on non-technical minds.

Bonus: Prepare your content to fit their style and preferences, you can check Premast templates for different fields, styles, and categories.

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