Organization Effectiveness - The Six Elements PPT

Organization Effectiveness - The Six Elements PPT

A modern, professional and unique design slide in a PowerPoint Format. An infographic of Organizational Effectiveness Six Elements for those who are preparing a presentation to rain information about their organization environment and the elements that make it successful and productive.
The following design has a circular form contains six colourful and small circles that represent each element (leadership, communication, accountability, delivery, performance, measurement) with a priority scale that describe the levels of them.
This dark and elegant design is totally editable as you can change all the colors and the whole theme. You can change icons and choose other fonts too and finaly you can adjust the sizes and the direction of each element. This slide is totally customizable and can be personalized in many ways. Check our other free slide ow and download them.

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ahmed magdy
By ahmed magdy
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DownloadUpdated Feb 2020

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