Animated Planetarium PowerPoint Template | Free PPT

Animated Planetarium PowerPoint Template | Free PPT

Free Animated Planetarium PowerPoint Template designed to catch eyes. An outstanding, unique, and creative animated PowerPoint slide. We all understand that it is important to use the right attractive visuals to deliver your message and catch your audience’s minds. As our designs are professional enough to decide to add some fun too, with this Animated Planetarium PPT Template you can take your presentation to another level.

This Free Animated Planetarium PowerPoint Template gives you the feeling of being in outer space. The user of this ppt slide will notice first a huge cloud pulled by a moving rocket heading to space. This huge cloud diagram carries the eight planets of our milky way galaxy, giving the space to write simple notice underneath each planet plus our big SUN.

  • Mercury
  • Earth
  • Jupiter
  • Uranus
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Saturn
  • Neptune

You can totally add this slide to your science class or any other creative related subject. The whole design is able to be edited you can change pretty much everything about it. All elements are editable which enables you to customize the design. You can change color themes, the orders of the planets, use different icons, and apply a new font that fit your style and needs. Download our animated planetarium PowerPoint templates free now.

ali maher
By ali maher
DownloadUpdated Aug 2020

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