Recently Added: Presentations Templates and Unique Icons Sets

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
August 16, 2022

Premast Plus Templates is a way to help you create presentations in style and fast. in this blog post, we will share some of our latest added slides. They are fully editable and can be used for multiple options. One of the great things to mention is both templates will be found on Google Slides and PowerPoint, or you will find close alternatives. Fully editable and can be customized for your own needs.

Presentation templates are a great way for people to create their presentations. Without having to worry about the design and layout, they can focus on the content of their presentation. This is especially important when you have a lot of information that you need to present in your presentation. Some presentation templates are free while others come with an additional price tag. The templates that come with an additional cost typically have more designs and layouts than the ones that are free.


Portfolio Slides


A PowerPoint or Goggle slides portfolio is a presentation that showcases your work. It is a way to present your skills and experience in a creative way. This type of portfolio can be used for a variety of purposes: from presenting yourself as an artist or designer to highlighting your work as an entrepreneur.
Presenting yourself to potential employers, clients, or investors? You’ll want to make sure you have the perfect portfolio slide. You will find in each slide images place holders to add your own images and work previews.

View More Portfolio Slides

Coronavirus Slides

Corona Virus Awareness Templates are designed to provide awareness about the virus and how it can be prevented. These PowerPoint and Google Slide template infographics can be used for diagrams, presentations, flyers, posters, and more that can be used to educate people about this virus.
With fall coming we thought we would go back to raise awareness before winter. They are fully editable and you can change them a bit and use them in different medical means.  The first and the second are about 6 ways to prevent corona virus and the third one is about the Corona Virus symptoms.

View More Coronavirus Slides



Pricing Slides


Pricing tables are a good way to show the price of your product or service. Pricing tables are also used in presentations to display prices for the audience to see. The presentation can be delivered in either PowerPoint or Google Slides format. These pricing tables can be customized with different colors and fonts to match your company’s branding. There are many PowerPoint and Google slides templates that you can use for your pricing tables. The templates are to download and come with a variety of designs, layouts, and formats.

View Pricing Slides

In this section, you will find templates for company overview presentations. These templates are useful for any company that needs to present a report to a new client. The templates are available in PowerPoint and Google slides formats. They include charts, graphs, and numbers that can be used in the presentation. They are fully editable and trendy. You can use them to present numeric data in a simple way

View More Company Overview Slides

Icons Sets

Colored Style Icon Set


View The Icon Set

You will find more styles of the same icon set

Marketing Icon Set

View Marketing Icon Set

Here are some of the recently added items to the Assets llibrary for this week. Every day you will find new design assets to refresh your presentations and content. And remember that all designs are fully accessible in PowerPoint and Google Slides soon.

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