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What is the Blockchain?! One of the most searched and reported questions lately, so we tried to get it, in a nutshell, makes it easy to find a proper answer so you can use this slide in multiple purposes like a blockchain technology explained slide for beginners or as an illustration for how blockchain works. You can also edit it and change it’s elements to add it to a cryptocurrency PowerPoint presentation templates.

  • Who Is The Owner Of Blockchain?

The final milestone that gave rise to the internet as we know it today being the introduction of www by Tim Berners-Lee. This never made him the owner of the internet, and in the same way, Nakamoto cannot be said to own blockchain technology.

  • What is Blockchain in real life?

ABRA – A cryptocurrency wallet which uses the Bitcoin blockchain to hold and track balances stored in different currencies.

  • Is Blockchain just a database?

A blockchain is actually a database because it is a digital ledger that stores information in data structures called blocks.

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