Premast-Plus New Presentation Templets, Medical Emergency Icon set & Women’s Day Illustrations

By : Donia Ahmed
March 3, 2022
risks and issues

Did you know that colors affect emotions directly? Like the blue color reflects tranquility and confidence, Purple reflects wisdom and so on. That’s why it’s a deal breaker to choose the color palette in your presentation wisely. At Premast we wanted to make the preparations easier for you. So in this article we will provide you with fully editable designs that fits your color palette.

But before getting started, We are pleased to invite you to our private community. Where you can learn all the new updates and get support any time you need. You will learn some new presentation tricks and moreover have an early access to all the new features, It’s a really great impact you can add by sharing with us your reviews and suggestions🙌.


1-Definition Of Global Warming slide

global warmnig

Definition of global warming slide, it represents what global warming means, it’s reasons and how it affects our planet and climate too. It delivers the idea in a simple form, which supports your presentation strongly.

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2-Definition Of Global Warming slide

definition of global warming

Definition of global warming slide. Another slide that shows global warming in detail. Melting of ice sheets, glaciers etc. due to rise in temperature. Rise in sea level due to expansion in oceans, melting in glaciers due to high temperature. Extension of wildlife due to rapid change in land and sea habitat.. ETC.

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3-Flat Climate Change slide

flat climate change

Flat climate change slide. It shows in details why climate change is dangerous. It causes (Forest fires, increase in temperature, deglaciation and tsunamis) and it is presented in the slide with option to add notes about each of them too.

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4-Optimal Customer slide

optimal customer

Optimal customer slide. This slide is used to represent your target personas( age, interests, gender, etc.). Which helps you in your presentation to deliver better vision for who your target audience are.

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5-Meet Our All Creative Team slide

meet all our creative

Meet our all creative team slide, which is created to represent your team members. You can use it in meetings and presentations. Their names, titles and years of expertise can be mentioned in the slide.

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6-We Are The Best Qualified University slide

We are the best

We are the best qualified university slide. This slide is designed to allow you to represent your team, your achievements and a brief about your work. Also you can mention numbers to support your presentation.

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7-Project Solution slide

Project solution

Project solution slide is designed to represent multiple solutions at the same time. This make it easier for decision makers compare and choose the best solution. The slide is fully editable to fit your needs.

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 8-App Features Details slide

app featues

App features details slide, which is designed to represent your mobile application. So you can mention its features, how to be used and who will use it.

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9-Social Media App slide

social media app

Social media app slide. In this slide you will find the option to add more than one social media platform. It will allow you to represent your communities or options for users to reach you.

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The powerful 4Ps of marketing mix slide. This one is designed to allow you to represent your 4Ps to your audience. The (product, price, place and promotion) with the option to write in details about each element.

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11-Industry Analysis slide


Industry analysis slide, which is used to show the result of your analysis with all of it’s 6 steps. ( Establish, fix financial goals, gather required data, analyze and evaluate, implement, monitor and review).

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12-Go-to-Market Strategy slide

go to market

Go-to- market strategy slide. This slide represents what you sell, who you are selling to, how you will reach them and where you will promote your product. You can edit it to fit your market needs.

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13-Distribution Channels slide

 distribution channels

Distribution channels slide, which is created to help you mention your distribution channels to the audience. Which may include (Retail store, official stream, sponsored links and popular applications stores).

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14-Positioning Map slide

postioning map

Positioning map slide. It shows your position in the market, regarding other brands with similar products. You can also write notes about your position. You can measure your price and quality.

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15-Risks And Issues slide


Risks and issues slide, it is designed to view the issues you are facing. represent their risk category, risk rating and possible solution. You can add up to 6 risks and mention their solutions to discuss them.

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16-Online Education Distance Exam With Isometric Character slide

online education

Online education distance exam with isometric character slide. It is designed to express the meaning of online education and its importance in the current time.

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Medical Emergency Icon Set

icon set

In this set there are multiple choices for medical emergencies icons. You only need to pick the one that fits your presentation and adjust it. These visuals will be great addition and support to your content

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Women’s Day Illustrations Items

women day1

women day 2

We at Premast empower women, and these illustrations are designed to celebrate women’s’ day. You can use them to support your content and presentation. You can choose from them and edit it to fit your design.

View illustrations

These are some of our recently added items in the assets library. Visit Premast-plus for new and fresh designs. Use them to create astonishing, professional and unique designs. All the items are editable to fit your needs.

Remember, you can access all the new items in PowerPoint and now it is also available in Google Slides😉.














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