October Showcase: Recently Added, Top Dowloaded and more!

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
October 22, 2020

It’s October say Hi,  it’s a new month, a new set of very special PowerPoint Presentation templates that fit different categories and can be used for different purposes. On a monthly basis, we deliver our newest designed template for you along with our recommendations for what is trendy in the market and what would be useful for your needs. You will find options that serve your content in the best way. Business ppt templates with all it’s branches, Medical templates, educational, and much more.

It’s known that all our templates are fully changeable and can be totally customized to fit different needs and styles.  providing a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to color palettes and layouts. Choosing to use an image place holder make it more professional to add images. Vector icons give the user an opportunity to adjust each icon size, shape, and color. And now to this monthly goodies.


Recently Added Templates

1-Dashi Project Plan Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation Report

Powerpoint templates 2020

Dashi Project Plan Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation Report is ready for anyone looking to track their project timeline effectively.  With this Project Plan Reporting Dashboard PPT, You now can track, analyze, share, and present your timeline data with visuals that empower your content.

2- Scary Night – Halloween PowerPoint Presentation Template

PowerPoint templates 2020

Scary Night Halloween PowerPoint Presentation Template to celebrate the big day of Halloween. As this is the highlight of the fall season we created a Halloween- related PowerPoint presentation for those who carry the spirit with them. This creepy PowerPoint templates yet suitable one can be used for many ideas besides the presentation creation.


3- Website Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template

Website Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template thoughtfully designed for you to use. Comprehensive design for anyone trying to find a website proposal document. While creating this template, being flexible and practical was in mind, that’s why the user of this template will find different layouts for introductions and notes, visual tools such as infographics, graphics, tables, and charts plus icons and illustrations.


4- dashi Sports – Sports Dashboard PowerPoint Report Presentation

Sports dashboard PowerPoint report presentation template added to dashi Bundle. For all those who are working in the sports sector, here is a complete and comprehensive PowerPoint template for sports-related dashboards. They work for teams, scores, and players. It’s easier for you to track performances and analysis the situations. As we are creating dashboards, graphs, charts, tables, and sports icons are included.


5- Mapper – 20 European Countries 3D Maps for PowerPoint

PowerPoint templates 2020

20 European Countries 3D Maps for PowerPoint ready for you to download. We created this map ppt template to support those who look for unique graphics for maps and templates to edit. Different countries and areas are available for you to get and edit to suit your needs.


6- Dashi SaaS | SaaS Dashboard Report Presentation Template PPT

PowerPoint templates 2020

SaaS Dashboard Report Presentation Template PPT is ready for those who like to work perfectly with the data. Adding to our Dashi Bundle, SaaS dashboards, all design to serve the field of this cloud-based service. We introduce high-quality designs in PowerPoint Format that work on SaaS data.

Top Downloaded Templates

1- Marketing Plan Presentation Template

powerpoint templates 2020

Marketing Plan Presentation Template designed in a minimalistic and modern perspective. This marketing ppt is created to fit a diversity of uses in that particular field. The user of this PowerPoint template will find a wide range of options when it comes to the visual tools that help you take your data to life.

2- Project Timeline Report PowerPoint Presentation Template

powerpoint template 2020

Project Timeline Report PowerPoint Presentation Template is added to our set of PowerPoint templates that help you present and reflect on your business. This project timeline PPT is designed in a modern professional feel with a wide range of options that fit different kinds of projects.


3- General Lesson Plan PowerPoint Presentation PPT

powerpoint template 2020

General Lesson Plan PowerPoint Presentation is ready to download with just one click. Introducing an educational PowerPoint presentation template that stands out and serves different classes and types of learning.

4- Online Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

powerpoint templates 2020

The online education PowerPoint presentation template is ready to go. Due to the situations, the world is seeing right now social distancing is a must and so does distance education. That’s why we were inspired to create an online education PowerPoint presentation template.

Handpicked Templates


Medical Equipment PowerPoint Presentation – PPT

PowerPoint template 2020

Here is a Medical Equipment PowerPoint Presentation designed to fit a diversity of options to use. A medical PPT is mainly based on clean lines, clear design, and practical outlays. Such complex and built up data needs visual tools that simplify it out to the audience and organize the receiving of this information.

Dashi KPI – Dashboard Report PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint template 2020

KPI Dashboard report PowerPoint presentation template added to Dashi Bundle. A bundle where dashboards from every area in the presentation world have a place. We created a thoughtful and modern design that fit different uses.

PowerPoint template 2020

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