November Showcase: Recently Added, Top Downloaded& more

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
November 8, 2020

It’s November Hi; it’s a new month, a new set of very special PowerPoint Presentation templates that fit different categories and can be used for different purposes. On a monthly basis, we deliver our newest designed template for you along with our recommendations for what is trendy in the market and what would be useful for your needs. You will find options that serve your content in the best way. Business ppt templates with all it’s branches, Medical templates, educational, and much more.

It’s known that all our templates are fully changeable and can be totally customized to fit different needs and styles.  providing a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to color palettes and layouts. Choosing to use an image place holder make it more professional to add images. Vector icons give the user an opportunity to adjust each icon size, shape, and color. And now to these monthly goodies.

Recently Added PowerPoint Templates

1-Europe Maps Presentation Template for PowerPoint

Europe Maps Presentation Template for PowerPoint to use in your presentation about Europe. This PowerPoint template representing European countries. You may not use it only for geography but also in your business planning, analysis, and reporting.

2-Brand Guideline Builder PowerPoint Presentation Template

This Brand Guideline Builder PowerPoint Presentation Template includes the perfect toolkit for your brand guideline builder. It contains widgets such as labels and sticky notes to help you add comments, notes, and descriptions.  The key with this PowerPoint template is its professional and got all the widgets that you may need to present your creative branding project. It’s a minimal style template that fits different preferences and goes with any color palette you may use.

3- Asia Maps PowerPoint Presentation Template

This template is a new and unique layout that includes Asian maps for countries. The uses for these templates varies, it can be used on an educational level, to demonstrate the countries of Asia in a geography class. It can be used in marketing to reflect on your targeted Asian areas. It can be used in different reporting, pitching, and presenting uses.

4-Website Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template

Website Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template thoughtfully designed for you to use. Comprehensive design for anyone trying to find a website proposal document. This website development proposal ppt is a template that can be used multiple times and contains a lot of options to utilize, modern visuals, and great content opportunities.


5-Dashi Project Plan Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation Report

Dashi Project Plan Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation Report is ready for anyone looking to track their project timeline effectively. A whole PowerPoint template that contains different layouts for project dashboards to change your numeric data into understood ones. With this Project Plan Reporting Dashboard PPT, You now can track, analyze, share, and present your timeline data with visuals that empower your content.

6-dashi Sports – Sports Dashboard PowerPoint Report Presentation

Sports dashboard PowerPoint report presentation template added to dashi Bundle. For all those who are working in the sports sector, here is a complete and comprehensive PowerPoint template for sports-related dashboards. Everyone working with sports reporting, this metrics sports dashboard ppt template contains all designs you look for.

Top Downloaded PowerPoint Templates

1-Dashi SaaS | SaaS Dashboard Report Presentation Template PPT

SaaS Dashboard Report Presentation Template PPT is ready for those who like to work perfectly with the data. Adding to our Dashi Bundle, SaaS dashboards, all design to serve the field of this cloud-based service. We introduce high-quality designs in PowerPoint Format that work on SaaS data. Detailed dashboards outlay to track, analyze, and report SaaS to others. Metrics make or break SaaS technology as without knowing how you are developing and applying you won’t know how to grow. All included KPIs and metrics related to the SaaS.

2-Customer Journey Canvas PowerPoint Presentation

Studying the customer’s emotions and reactions towards your Product and service became a must if you are planning to succeed. Now we created This brain new Customer Journey Canvas PowerPoint Presentation that helps you to map your customer experience while using your product or having your service is totally awesome. We talk about a professional PowerPoint template that is full of benefits and will help you. This toolkit is flexible to use in many forms, online or printable version.

3- Online Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

This online education PowerPoint is created detailed to serve students, professors, teachers and educators in general. As known educational content depends on visual tools that help the presenter reach their audience clearly. Even if students are preparing reports and researches, they will find this e-learning ppt comes in Handy. The unique color palette helps you put everything together and the very cool thing is you can change the color palette and choose from a wide range of options.

4-Eargo – Medical Infographic PowerPoint Presentation

This medical infographic ppt includes a wide range of medical elements collection that can be used for different situations. If you are preparing a medical report for your management, sharing conclusions with your fellow team members, giving some medical lectures inside and outside a medicine school, making some research, or trying to give the patient information about his/her state this medical presentation is your saver.

Handpicked PowerPoint Templates 

1-Project Timeline Report PowerPoint Presentation Template

Project Timeline Report PowerPoint Presentation Template is added to our set of PowerPoint templates that help you present and reflect on your business. This project timeline PPT is designed in a modern professional feel with a wide range of options that fit different kinds of projects. The templates included in this ppt fit different categories, business, creative, educational, HR, and much more.

2-Dashi KPI – Dashboard Report PowerPoint Presentation

Dashi KPI – Dashboard Report PowerPoint Presentation is a PowerPoint template to report metrics, KPIs, and project development status. Everybody needs a tool that tracks and visuals performance progress, not just that, having a KPI dashboard makes it possible to share information in the understood form. To deliver the results and conclusions of a certain case, you will find different slides that fit multiple options and fields.

3-Marketing Plan Presentation Template


Marketing Plan Presentation Template designed in a minimalistic and modern perspective. This marketing ppt is created to fit a diversity of uses in that particular field. The user of this PowerPoint template will find a wide range of options when it comes to the visual tools that help you take your data to life. This minimalist feeling and clean-lined presentation focus on providing several visuals that demonstrate marketing reporting and activities.

4-World Map PowerPoint Template | Editable Globe PPT

World map PowerPoint template obviously contains countries geographic and related elements, we know a lot of business now count on expanding maybe this template help you present your plan. It’s totally editable and easy to use you will find the glob in there.


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