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By : Omnia Abdelgawad
March 5, 2020
infographics ppt

In the beginning, before we start talking about our infographics PowerPoint templates collection, we need to know what Infographics is. And how they are useful and helpful. Infographics are some colourful graphic visuals represent information and data with colors and pictures which make data easier to be understood and remembered.

What about the benefits? There are some quite good benefits for infographics.

Studies show that 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual and 40% of people respond better to visuals than plain texts. So infographics will catch eyes and will make people pay attention to your content.

Also, as nowadays people don’t have patience or time to read long plain texts, they are looking for the easiest and the fastest, and that is the infographics. Another study shows that recently there are 13 million results for the term ‘Infographics’ on Google. So this will be very useful to your business as it will increase the chances for your website to be shown to people by Google algorithms.


Here’s Premast Collection for Infographics PowerPoint templates:


1- EARGO Matrix Infographics PowerPoint Template

Infographics Presentation
Infographics PowerPoint Presentation Template

With Eargo Matrix, you have plenty of choices of the matrix shapes. 15 color theme where you can change the color by one click. You can edit text fonts and colors. There’s also the dark mood which you can use if you’re presenting in the night! You’ll also have the access for 36 character positions, with them you can show if you’re happy about a certain point, sad, excited, or however you feel!

2- World Map PowerPoint Template | Editable Globe PPT

World maps PowerPoint Presentation
World maps PPT Presentation

If you’re interested in geography, or this is your study/ work field, then you should use world map template. This template shows the maps of all continents and countries with high details and 30 color theme, you can choose whatever you want based on your study or work presentation. Also, you can add any kind of graphics for your statistics, drag and drop images edit colors, and add countries’ flags. This template has 26 additional maps and 30 additional flags.

3- Eargo 4 Infographic PowerPoint Template

Infographics PowerPoint Template

If you’re looking for different and cool varieties for your presentation to make your audience more engaged; Eargo 4 is definitely the one for you! It includes; divergent, convergent, circular, checklist, causality, list, linked, filter, enclosed infographics. This template has 100 unique slides, 15 color theme, 26 character positions, dark mode, etc.

4- Eargo2 – PowerPoint Infographic Templates

Infographics PPT Template
Variety of Infographics PowerPoint Slides

More options? No problem! With Eargo 2 you have 250 unique slides with lots of options. You can choose, process infographics, divergent, emphasis, pictorial, convergent infographics where bullet points convert to the center, Timeline infographics where the longitudinal view over time, can be gantt chart, timeline or roadmap. There is also the tree, the closed, the filter, the matrix, the table, the checklist, the map

5- Eargo Infographics PowerPoint Template

Infographics Presentation

Eargo provides you with 140 Unique Slides, 30 color them, light and dark moods, and different infographics; causality, humans, timeline, tree, options, vectors, circular, process, filter, linked, gear, matrix, table, convergent, divergent, spoke, etc.

6- Project Timeline PowerPoint Infographics

Project Timeline Infographics presentation

We all know that project means; scope, budget and timeline. With this PowerPoint infographic template, you can show your project timeline in different and unique ways.  It works with Google slide, it has 30+ unique slides, 10 premade colors, dark and light moods, and drag and drops placeholders.

7- Free Blockchain Technology Infographic PPT

Blockchain infographics ppt

If you want something new and trendy, we present for you the Blockchain Technology infographic! This one has a FREE version, all you need is to sign up!

8- Timeline Infographic Template | Modern PPT Free Download

Timeline Infographic PowerPoint template

Instead of an old boring graph showing your timeline of your work, this timeline infographic template will provide you with a cool, colorful appearance for the timeline. This one has a FREE version, all you need is to sign up!

9- SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template free PPT Download

SWOT analysis presentation
SWOT analysis presentation

One of the most famous business terms is the: SWOT! And believe me when I say you’ll use it a LOT if you’re involved in the business world. With this infographic, you can show your SWOT analysis in a very remarkable way. You’ll have editable graphic resources, editable maps, different medical icons, and business icons. This one has a FREE version, all you need is to sign up!

10- Eargo – Infographics PowerPoint Template

eargo - infographics presentation
eargo – infographics presentation

With Eargo infographics, you’ll get 250+ unique slides, you will be able to edit freely anything you want, you will have different infographic sections; causality, humans, timeline, tree, options, vectors, circular, process, filter, linked, gear, matrix, table, convergent, divergent, spoke, etc.

11- Linked business infographic template for PowerPoint

Linked business infographic template
Linked business infographic PowerPoint template

This one has 10 unique slides with fully editable vector. This one has a FREE version, all you need is to sign up!

12- Team Organization Chart – PowerPoint Slide Template

Team Organization Chart PPT Side
Team Organization Chart PPT


If you want to present your team members to anyone and let them know who are they, what positions they hold and what exactly they do. This chart will absolutely help you to do so in a nice colorful way. This one has a FREE version, all you need is to sign up!

In the end, if you want to nail your presentation, make it remarkable and unforgettable, and get people to engage with you, you should use our infographics PowerPoint templates.  All of our templates can serve any of your multiple needs, they are easy to use and edit, colorful, attractive, remarkable, and of course easy to get! SIGN UP NOW!


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