May Plus Buzz: Premast Plus updates and latest news🚀

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
June 2, 2022

May Plus Buzz 🔥

May has ended and we are happy with the outcomes, this has been a great month. As June is coming and summer vibes are almost arriving, we want to wrap it up and tell you how things have been. Premast Plus is growing you all because of all our users. We are super glad, thanks. During May, We mainly focused on improving internal communication for the team by creating new dashboards. As we are trying to improve your experience, we wanted to improve ours too.

Another thing we want to put out there is that we want you guys to be part of our communities all over the web so if you would like any of these platforms, we would be very happy to have you there. YouTube for tutorials and guides videos, TikTok and Instagram for office snaps, reels, and short videos. Twitter for updates and communication and of course, join our private community for direct communication, and first entails special offers

Now let’s jump to some of the good things that happened during May.


A new “Planning Category” is Added to the templates

Premast Plus Plugin


We produced this category for all the entrepreneurs and startups out there, in this category you will find great interactive models. All the models included are popular and out there, but what is different is that you can access them inside PowerPoint, present them, share them, and print them if you want. You will find things like Value opposition canvas, project canvas, BCG Matrix, and more. Each Slide has a widget slide with it to help be interactive and use it like the image below


All the slides included in this category are fully editable and can be customized to match your needs and style. You can edit it to fit your brand guidelines and add your logo. The widget slide also is editable to have a totally personalized experience.


Improvements and fixes 🛠

1- Fixed invisible icon package preview
2- Updated search algorithms to be better in performance and results
3- Internal Dashboards improvements


May Popular Items on Premast Plus 

Introducing the most popular items to inspire you and share what people like. Slides, illustrations, and icons.



This month we created a lot of great templates but now we will share the top downloaded four randomly if you want to know what people like


dashboard for presentations

View More


Medical Illustration was the primary production this month and we are excited to share everything we are planning to publish in June

View More



Real state icons pack,

View more


Premast Plus Press📢


We really were thrilled to find PresentX from Thailand talking about Premast Plus on TikTok with almost 116k views 🙌


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