April Plus Buzz: Premast Plus updates and latest news!

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
May 10, 2022

April It’s been a really great month for us. We had a blast during Ramadan working remotely and changing things up. We know the April buzz is a bit late, but we had a week of celebrating Eid Elftr. Now we came back excited for May and to create designs that will make your presentations more killing.

Before jumping to the details, let’s talk about all the events that occurred or were prepared for in April. Ramadan, Eid Elfter, Spring, Easter, and Mother’s Day! All creators had a quality topic to express their thoughts and deliver their ideas. Whether you were creating Presentations, Social Media designs, Ui/Ux, cards or etc. Premast Plus e got you covered. First with Kunafa!


Kunafa – Ramadan Illustrations’ Editor

As a part of our Ramadan celebration, we created Kunafa, a collection of characters and backgrounds put into a simple editor for you to customize your illustrations. Kunafa initially was inspired by the Middle Eastern culture of celebrating the holy month of Ramadan.

Kunafa is one of the most delightful dishes during Ramadan, it’s a dessert, a side dish, or a snack if you wish. Streets, restaurants, and homes are all filled with it. You can roll it around and turn it upside-down, customize it to fit your taste….. Just like our illustrations” 




A screenshoot of Kunafa editor


We had great feedback from creators loving and using Kunafa illustrations, it was fun to play around and create your own version of Ramadan themes. You could change all colors and come out with a whole new design. People used to add to different designs’ projects.

We shared Kunafa all over the web, but we had a lot of support from Twitter and product hunts communities, let’s share some of the feedback😊👏








And we want to especially thank @SafwanAlghazal as he used our illustration in his Ramadan campaign and shared the results with us. It was a pleasure to get to know such a creative soul.







Improvements and fixes on the go 🛠️

1- Now you can upload brand assets by drag and drop
2- Add an alert when an uploading error happens in the brand kit
3- Update the search algorithm to be better in performance and results


April Popular Items on Premast Plus

Introducing the most popular items to inspire you and share what people like. Slides, illustrations, and icons.



This month we added a lot of new designs with different styles, we added to our templates library some in business, education and creative categories.







View More



This month Ramadan illustrations were the star of the show, but we took care of all events and created stunning mother’s day illustrations and some icon sets that we will share later on.




View More



We didn’t miss spring season you guys, here are fun and cute icons that embrace it. And we listed and created insurance icons set too.

View more


Premast Plus Press📢



We witnessed a lot of mentioning and talking about Premast Plus all over Twitter. Mentioned in a couple of YouTube videos.
It was a blessing to communicate with new communities and mentioned across the web, excited for the upcoming month, April is already exciting for us. Quarter 1 of 2022 is done and the other three to embrace👏🚀
Don’t forget to join our private community to know everything first and at a glance.

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