Recently Added Presentation Templates and Medical illustrations

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
May 28, 2022

This week we have plenty of slides for you to pick from. Of course, we upload weekly items more than what we mention in this article, but we are giving you a glimpse of the categories we have been working on. Premast Plus is where you can always find extraordinary and different trendy design templates, illustrations, and icons. This week we will take you through different categories for business, medical, education, and more. Maybe the star of the show is the medical category as we have a couple of related templates and illustrations  for the medical sector.

I will remind you once again that all the included templates are on the web app and the and the Plugins in both PowerPoint and Google Slides, like any of these templates. You can just heart them or love them and you’ll find them placed in your favorites inside the plug-in or in your space. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel and join our community we have a pretty much weekly discussion and engagement there. It would be great if you joined and now let’s see what we have this week



Umbrella Infographic Slide

Umbrella infographic slide

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To add to our unique collection of infographics here is an umbrella infographic. This image that you see is a template designed where you can represent your business with this umbrella and give some insights at four or more points or if you are speaking about the weather, it would be the perfect slide to use.


We care about you Slide


We care about you slide

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This slide is really unique as it contains a fully editable illustration for a doctor. It can be used for medical presentations or related fields like hospital finance or reporting for medical clients and can even be used as a project slide for students studying biology chemistry or related topics



Umbrella Chart Slide


Umbrella Chart slide

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Another form of using umbrella illustrations is creating this chart. Where you can demonstrate the calculation of something or the degrees of your students with certain activities what will get 10% what 20% and etc. This chart is fully editable you can change the color, fonts, backgrounds and everything and if you like it you will find it in your favorite section inside the plugin.


Medical Infographic Slide

Medical Infographic slide

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This is another type of medical slide. It’s a professional infographic that can be used for straight-up medicine or a condition of a patient. It also can be used to lecture using lectures and classes. This infographic is fully editable if you change it to title and the icons used you can pretty much use it for any kind of demonstration or infographic needed.

Our Message Slide


Our Message slide

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Sometimes adding a Quote to your presentation or a message from you give credit, as it creates a connection between human beings. You can deliver your message directly or your past message if you are in some kind of organization or corporate so this slide for quote is a bit with the medical field but it can be edited and used in any kind of categories like business education art and so on.


Medical Chart Graph Slide

Medical Chart Graph slide

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Here is a medical Chart that can be used to get the relation between two variables. The title here says it’s a medical chart but again it can be used for pretty much every kind of demonstration for the same idea or relevant topics. It’s fully editable and you can totally control how it appears and how it looks if you need to add some icons to it you will find a great batch of medical icons or more in the plugin inside the PowerPoint so all you have to do is click on it and it’s it to fit your brand guidelines.

Infographic Slide Designs

Infographic Slide Design

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Infographic Slide Design

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This is a unique design slide that is designed to catch the eye of the audience as written it can be used straight to your services or just to write about a section for your company or portfolio it can be also used and personal portfolio where you can give us small brief about yourself your hobbies what you’d like to do and why people should listen and value your thoughts and opinions.

More Engagement More Sale Slide

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This mmockup  slide is pretty cool and different it can be used to sell your application or your service through mobile of course you can it is a number of wild phones in here you can change them you can edit it from scratch and create your own version of what mark should look like but this is just to inspire you all you have to do is to click on the icon inside the World Cup and choose your bank either from your browser or to embedded from unsplash from but previous plus login and you’re ready to go

Ring Infographic Slide

Ring Infographics slide

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OK it wouldn’t be a recently added bloke article in pre massive plus if we didn’t add at least one ring infographic those infographics or really popular and we are trying always to come up with more visual the idea is that you can use and feel it’s new modeling at your content so you are course free to look for more info graphics I have plenty to choose from.

We Create Innovative Slide

We Create Innovative slideView Slide

This professional design slide template is it really unique as it contains a lot of factors where the user can express their identity it’s not only choosing your color palette and fonts you can add photos to the upper area of the slide and then insert your text and just in the charts to demonstrate your text I really like it and I think a lot can be used for a lot of users not only to speak about your service but again it can be part of your words full you or a good welcome message giving facts about your and company.

Why Choose Us Slides

Why Choose Us slide

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why choose us slide is really important to insert in a proposal or a portfolio presentation here you convince people that you’re perfect for this and they need to work with you what I love about this slide is that you can not only insert text and tell them why you are qualified enough but also you can insert pictures either pictures for the team as we see in this slide or icons and images that demonstrate what you are trying to sell or say it’s fully editable and you can play around with it and convince people why they should choose you on your terms and in your style


Medical Illustrations


Medical illustrations

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