Premast Plus Recently Added Items- Presentation Slides and Illustrations

By : Donia Ahmed
February 4, 2022

(Creativity is a wild mind with disciplined eyes) it’s a popular quote that we also believe is true.  We know that for a presentation to be creative it needs unique visuals to catch the audience’s attention. So we promise to provide your presentation with astonishing, unique and creative designs. Here are some of our recently added items in the assets library.

Note, you can like all the items and access them later in the Favorite tab in your plugin 😉

1- Best Professional Service slide

Best Professional Service slide is created so you can introduce the services you offer.  And the option to write a brief about each of them. The slide is fully editable to fit your profession and services.

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2-Expert Educational slide

expert educational

Our Educational gallery slide. You can use it to present your work portfolio or any information with visuals and numbers. That makes your job easier in delivering your purpose to the audience interested.

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3-Our Educational Gallery slide

our educational

Our Educational gallery slide. You can use it to present your work portfolio or any information with visuals and numbers. That makes your job easier in delivering your purpose to the audience interested.

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4-Our Expert Portfolio slide

expert portifolio

Our expert portfolio slide is created to help you introduce your team of experts to your audience with a brief about each one of them (their names, what they do.. etc.)  The slide is fully customizable so you can change font , colors

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5-Professional Service slide

professional service

Professional service slide id designed to help you share the services you provide for your audience. You can write a brief about yourself or a welcome message.  You can also list your services with a brief about each.

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6-What Are People Say About Us slide

what are people say

What are people say (about us) slide where you share data you want people to know about your work or organization.  This data could be a brief about the place , it’s history or even services that you offer

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7-First Aid Slides Content slide

first aid slide

First Aid slides content is designed to make it easier for you to present the content you need to share during your medical presentation. You can add or remove a section of needed it’s also editable to fit your needs

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8-One Set Of Goals Of First Aid Is Called The “Three P’s” slide

one set

One set of goals of first aid slide is designed to present the (three p’s) to save the injured live and those are (preserve life, prevent further injury and promote recovery).

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9-Welcome Message slide

Welcome message slide which appears first when a visitor comes to your website. It contains information about you and about services you offer. It is the way you welcome your website visitor.

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10-The Basic Of First Aid slide

the basic

(The basics of first aid) slide is designed to present the basics that need to be done when first facing any emergencies. The three Ps ( preserve life – prevent further injury – promote recovery).

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11-Best Sports Team In Town slide

best sports team

Best sport team in town slide is designed to help you promote your team services, show their strength point and what they can offer or how they could help whoever needs it. You can also use it to mention their progress and milestones they achieved.

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12-Sport Team Of SCOREFOR slide

sport team

Sport team of scorefor slide is created to help you present your sports team in presentations and meetings you can write an introduction about the team members, your team history and all of the achievements and success.

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13-Welcome To The Home Of Our Fitness slide


Welcome to the home of our fitness slide is a sports slide  designed to introduce your entity, it’s history, what you are doing …etc. You can consider it to be your about page or to introduce an idea about. sports or fitness

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14-Welcome To The Home Of SCOREFOR slide


Welcome to the home of scorefor slide is another form of sports slide that can be used to write your welcome message or the about page to your team or entity.

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15-Check Our Facilities slide

checkour fcilities

Check our facilities slide is amazing for promoting your facility and services. It’s prepared especially to help you share the information your audience needs to know about your work and facility.

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This week we added some more Illustrations for Valentines’ Day which is designed  to create stunning romantic designs. You can design presentations, cards, social media designs, or any visuals you need to use in Valentine’s celebration . All of the illustrations are fully editable and can be customized for any design.

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That was our weekly recently added items in the assets library . Check out Premast-Plus daily for new updates and fresh designs for creating astonishing, professional and unique  presentations.

Remember all the items are fully editable and accessible through the PowerPoint plug-in.

We are excited to invite you to our private community. Where you can share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. You can find all the new updates, join our discussions learn new tips also enjoy communicating with others.










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