City Infographic Template for PowerPoint

City Infographic Template for PowerPoint

City Infographic Template for PowerPoint designed in a modern and unique layout. If you are looking for new visuals that help you deliver your content. here we introduce skyscraper vector design in PowerPoint formate. You can this slide to demonstrate a lot of ideas, projects, and plans. It is structured to help the presenter create a clear understanding of their content.

This City Infographic Template for PowerPoint is designed simply and creatively. The user of this slide will find a city at the center of the slide, with skyscrapers, small buildings, virtual streets, green areas, factory and more. The city is with six points that demonstrate the topic and sections you will discuss. Each point contains a space title and a space for notes or descriptions. A city layout ppt to inspire your presentation.

You can totally edit and fully customize this city mapping vector PowerPoint design. Starting with changing the color themes and editing each vector size, color, and placement. You can pick a new font. The points mentioned can be increased to fit your content needs. Adjust the design to fit your style and brand guidelines. Download this vector infographic ppt now and check out our other very cool PowerPoint slides.

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ali maher
By ali maher
DownloadUpdated Oct 2020

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