Buyer Persona PowerPoint Slide Template

Buyer persona PowerPoint slide template designed in a modern style to fit nowadays customer. A layout that is designed with clean lines and organized sections. As one who is working with customers, you need a template that can be adjusted to fit different criteria and you can utilize it to fit different personas. This file stages buyer persona template do exactly the things we mentioned before as it fits a wide range of personal information requirements not only buyer personas.

This Buyer Persona PowerPoint Template is a layout that depends on a modern perspective. Starting with a header of some structure that you can totally change it. With the photo of the buyer persona at the center, the “Name” and the potential “Job Title” underneath it, you can start to identify your buyer persona. The Buyer Persona PPT Template includes:

  • Profile pic.
  • Name
  • Job title
  • Personal data
  • Bio
  • Frustrations
  • Skills
  • Goals& needs

This PowerPoint slide can be used multiple times for different customers. You can fully customize it to fit your buyer persona needs and your brand style. Starting with changing the colors theme. Pick another font. images can be changed by using an image placeholders. All icons and small charts are edited you can use them in different ways. Check it out and download it now.

ali maher
By ali maher
DownloadUpdated May 2021

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