Yearly Timeline Infographic Diagram for PowerPoint


Yearly Timeline Infographic Diagram for PowerPoint added to our outstanding timelines collection designs. To track information over time is nearly involved and important in any aspect of work life. Not just plans, analysis, and reporting but also on a personal level we can totally use a timeline to sort things out. Providing such a modern and flexible design is really encouraging to track and reflect on data. Starting projects in marketing, project management or even an architecture project needs timeline planning and so sharing with the involved parties. It’s known that analyzing, tracking, and recording data over time is one of the greatest tools that help your project to develop

This Yearly Timeline Infographic Diagram for PowerPoint is designed to be modern and on new design trends. With the title in the center and then a curved arrow along with the slide with boxes to determine the time needed to be mentioned. It has a start and an end with five years in between. Of course, you can add years or take away from them depending on what you need.

Customize this history timeline template PowerPoint template to fit the use. Colors, text, and placement of shapes and icons to create the picture you need.

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