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Customer journey map template ppt that helps you to put the journey of your customer out there. A modern poped design that fits the criteria of professional designs. A customer experience design that you can use for different uses and types of documentation. All you need to think about is the actual touchpoint and journey your customer will make to reach your product or service. One of the perks of using this design is that you can add it to a PowerPoint template that demonstrates what is customer journey as an informative tool. We mean it is well known that visual help delivers the information faster and makes the audience connect the dots.

As seen in this customer journey map template ppt the design is focused on fun colors and obvious icons that reflect the stages and steps of the journey a customer may make. With colorful lines, the design focuses on

  • Customer
  • Search
  • Promotion
  • Reviews
  • Marketing
  • Target
  • Store


Each with an icon that represents them. Adding to the uses you can change the whole content of the ppt slide and create a sequence of actions other than the customer journey. Replace the icons and text to fit your needs and the topic you are planning on presenting. Choose a new color theme and a different font, they all are available. Customize the customer journey map PowerPoint template and play around to make it your own. Download it now and check out our other products.


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