Speedometer Infographic PowerPoint Template

Speedometer Infographic PowerPoint Template is designed in a modern style for you to use. Now we added this PowerPoint slide to our presentation to help you add unique visuals to your presentations. As you see it’s a modern and minimalist infographic design for the speedometer. If you are concerned with reporting this would be the perfect part of your dashboards. The speedometer gauge ppt template is used to add accurate data representation in your content. Adding it to the slide helps you deliver your accurate data.

This Speedometer Infographic PowerPoint Template designed to be an eye-catching visual tool. That’s why you find the design is simple and direct. You will find the slide contains mainly a title at the center with a sub description and four speedometer infographics with different measures and pointed at different directions. each with subtitles and notes beneath it. At the bottom of the slide, there are two lines of description.

You can use our speedometer vectors in different presentations and edit it to fit multiple uses. They are fully customizable and you can adjust all the elements of it. starting with colors and fonts. Editing the speedometers themselves to fit your brand identity and style.

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DownloadUpdated Oct 2020

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