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2020 Calender (2020 is coming up, a whole new decade is in-front of us and for sure in business start is always important. To start your decade with a clear and planed mind is a necessity. Providing you with a financial calendar PPT seemed like a smart move as we are entering a new era of business and technology plus a new decade and a new year. In

this calendar PowerPoint presentation design template, we layed out the twelve months a head, starting with January till December. We have created this practical 2020 calendar so that you can track your sales and revenue all over the year. it contains a monthly calendar, a Pie chart with different colors as indicators.

This design comes in handy if you want to track your sale and revenue, actually, any other two factors that matter to your business or to you in general. It may be also used as a project planning template and an action tracker, here it is to get creative with it, we are sure you will get crafty with all of these resources.

The design is a professional classic, a dark color palette is chosen but you can edit the colors around to fit your brand guidelines. Our design is totally editable and can be used for different purposes. Try it out and see how it is possible to help you. Check our newest set of PowerPoint presentation templates. Oh right….. Happy New Successful Year For You!)

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