The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT

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We are close to the end of the year 2019; heading to 2020 is totally different as it’s not that normal New Year thing we actually are heading to a whole new decade. The 20s of this century, big deal hah! As PowerPoint Presentation templates have been part of our year all along, we thought to wrap up a set of chosen best PowerPoint templates for 2020 that will help you plan, present and track the upcoming glory of 2020.

Latest statistics show how much making presentations is a big deal, for example, it is recorded that every day at least 30 million PowerPoint presentations template is created. So can you imagine how many people are using such an amazing tool to deliver a message, inform a vision or entertain some audience!  Another important number we would love to mention, Presentations with visual aids are 43% more persuasive than the same presentations without visuals. And this shows how it’s important to choose your ppt templates, with a high-quality design. 84.3% of presenters said they created presentation slides that were highly-visually focused which talk time and cause hassle, that’s why markets like Premast is available to save your precious time. 54.9% of people mentioned that less than 25% of their presentations contain text.

After mentioning some of numbers that help you understand how it’s important to have high-quality designs, now we are gathering a set of our most recommended best PowerPoint templates for 2020. You can look around in our website for more Premast


The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Dashi – Dashboard PPT template


Dashboards simply help you simplify complex data, track it and present them. Reports all over the year would look amazing and deliver convincing with better visuals. Dashi project is all about helping you presenting your numbers the best way possible, it helps you reflect on the project status…… We have designed these dashboards slides to fit any business needs to transform definite metrics and KPIs to understandable numbers and actual results that affect their revenue. You can use it as a project management tracker, sales dashboard, executive dashboards for your processes. This Dashboard PowerPoint template contains +9 free slides in various fields for different purposes. Whatever​ you are working on, you need alignment of measuring numbers and presenting your success.

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency PPT


The Blockchain and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum are in the top financial searches of 2019 on google. This crypto presentation is a perfect template to explain these categories with different ways like business, finances, digital money and transactions. This cryptocurrency PPT template comes with an amazing 12 unique slides with outstanding animations effect using the latest technologies of powerpoint, you will be amazed by this animation style. To update this template you don’t need any technical experience just drag and drop images, change text, choose your brand colors and your presentation is now ready to present your ideas and catch your audience eyes.

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Business plan PPT templates


This Template is a powerful and modern Business Plan PowerPoint template, comes with more than 150 slides. This template build based on real data collected from many different references to “ How to build a Business plan”. It can help convince investors or lenders to finance your business. It can persuade partners or key employees to join your company. Most importantly, it serves as a roadmap for guiding the launch and growth of your new business. Business plan PowerPoint template contains more than 40 unique slides with a custom design for multipurpose use, business, and personal use. you can use it in a creative industry, technology, finance, Medical, and Restaurant .. etc. Furthermore, all elements are editable from a shape to colors you just need a PowerPoint to edit. also, all the slides are built by experienced hands in making a great PowerPoint presentation and all graphics, vectors, slides, categories, and diagram is based on client needed and very easy to edit and customize. It’s time to impress your audience and save your time with this professional PowerPoint Presentation Template because we made this template based on the Best Professional presentation – pitch deck around the world.

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Company profile PPT template


Our company needs it for sure, free company profile powerpoint template is the perfect way to reflect your company image and deliver your vision. Minimal design cover all you need to present in a simple way

Presentation content:
  1. Corporate welcome message
  2. Company mission & vision
  3. Company goals
  4. Company team profile
  5. The manager profile
  6. Company services
  7. Company portfolio
  8. About company

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Free Christmas presentation PPT templates


Peace, joy and love, it’s festive out there. Are you ready? As a celebration from our part here we introduce Christmas ppt presentation template. Enjoy the holiday season with our free PowerPoint template. Totally editable. It will inspire you to celebrate with all the festive icons and dreamy pics inside. Red is or favorite these days but you can pick whatever from the color pallette Premast provides. Keep it around you may play around with it and use it later this year. Social media designs are included,celebrate with your community with high quality posts. Happy holidays.

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Circular infographic PPT template


Circular Infographic powerpoint template contains a great 10 slides of different circular infographic for powerpoint. build based on vector elements directly in powerpoint, so all elements will be editable and can be easy to edit, change colors and change size. this PPT template can be used as cycle diagram, process diagram, workflow or graphic diagram and many other options. this template is very useful for business purpose

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
swot analysis PPT template


Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, business manager, marketing analysts or even project manager Then certainly you will use the SWOT analysis in your presentation, you can now focus only on your data by using our SWOT analysis PowerPoint free templateSWOT analysis refers to (Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, It represents these factors for any business or project. (you can check this SWOT infographic slide)

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Infographics PPT presentation


Eargo Matrix is a free PowerPoint Infographics template come with +10 unique matrix infographic. As we know visuals help your audience to get the information 90%. Infographics are even more effects, it present your data in a flow that brains can easily digest. As infographics slides are mostly a structured design that connects between certain graphics or shapes and data. Rock your data with unique designs and different categories with unlimited options to edit and change them.

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Investor Deck PPT Template


Why start a presentation from scratch?! Investor deck save your time and provide a clear road to what you may need. In there you will find great visuals from icons, graphs, and infographics that service you

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Blockchain PPT – Presentation PowerPoint template


It’s really important to have a clear presentation in the business world. Losing your audience would be trouble. In this Blockchain powerpoint template, we save your effort and guide you with a variety of themes, icons and graphics to fit your business whatever the field is.

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Medical PPT Template for physicians & healthcare purposes


You have a Medical & health business and need to make a presentation for it now It will be very easy now using our free medical powerpoint template This free medical powerpoint template consists of +10 Unique slides design with very experienced hand specially for medical and health category, you can use it as business plan, business profile or Investors presentation.  Also, you can easily change images of this template by just drag and drop your images, as it was built based on a master slide template with image placeholders. (check this “Using Master Slide In PowerPoint“) Need to change the colors of Medical Free powerpoint Template, no problem just use any of powerpoint theme colors and it will change all the slides colors in one click, you can even make your own brand colors. furthermore, all elements on this template are editable, you can change colors, size, or even the basic shape.

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
5 steps infographic PPT


5 steps process infographic for powerpoint, can be used with any type of presentation All elements editable and you can change colors with just one click using powerpoint color palette

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
World Map PowerPoint Presentation


World map PowerPoint template obviously contains countries geographic and related elements, we know a lot of business now count on expanding maybe this template help you present your plan. It’s totally editable and easy to use you will find the glob in there. (Don’t forget to check our modern PPT templates)

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Free Sports PPT Presentation template
This free PowerPoint presentation template is dedicated to sports themes. If you are in this field and need easy to edit and a high-quality template, emPower is what you need. With the right potions between enthusiasm and power, you can use it to present the idea to your team or even use it for pitching if you are working on a related business. Editable with image placeholders and a big color palette

Main Features

  • made for Sport, Fitness, or Gym Themes
  • +10 Multipurpose Slides, Clean, Unique, Creative and Simple
  • Unlimited Color Options (Ms. PowerPoint Default Color Schemes)
  • based on Master Slide Layouts
  • Fully customizable


The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Marketing dashboard report PPT template

Adding to our very awesome dashboards collection, here we introduce Dashi Marketing dashboards. If you are in the marketing field, you for sure know how it is difficult to arrange your data and present them as understandable information that you can reflect on and present to others.


The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT
Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Presentation

Marketera is a marketing strategy PowerPoint template that supports all the areas of a strategy and more. This template contains different layouts for introduction, team and main points. It also contains different analysis layouts mainly SOWT slide and also goal measuring slide and more.

The Best Handpicked PowerPoint Templates for 2020 PPT



These are a few of our templates that will help you all over the year, they contain endless opportunity to create and use around.


Premast recommendation: check our PowerPoint templates design ideas

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