Pitch deck: Business Model Slides for Beginners

Pitch deck: Business Model Slides for Beginners

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You know guys we try to keep you updated with all in need in the world of presentations. Pitch deck is one of the most searched, used and designed presentations on a daily basis. So to go further with this, first we need to define exactly what pitch deck is. Pitch Deck is a brief presentation that usually introduces your business to the investors or partners; most startups are using it to get financial security investment so that they can go forward with their projects. It is usually in PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote formats.

Pitch deck is one of the ways you can grow your team, potentials, and opportunities in the market. The way you explain your aim out of it and introducing your vision shall convince the considered parties to support you and fund your startup.

Now 25.5% of pitch deck maker faces the challenge of finding appropriate visuals and good graphics. We at Premast got your back you can find various templates that for sure will fill your need. To get your back in this article we are going to cover a couple of slides that are necessary to nail your pitch deck presentation.


KPI slide:

One of the main points you need to mention is the key performance indicators of your company. KPIs give the investors a hint of how is the progress of your company, as the popular saying “If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it”.

It gives you credibility and helps you gain your investor’s trust.

Pitch deck: Business Model Slides for Beginners


Target market:

Understanding your target market is essential but it’s vibrant when it comes to your pitch deck presentation. Part of convincing people with your plan that they will fund is convincing them with your market choice and how this benefits your audience.

Where are you in the market, what your position is and where you are heading?

Pitch deck: Business Model Slides for Beginners

Competitive analysis:

 A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.”  – Ovid

Part of addressing where are you in the market is addressing where you are among the competition. Investors really care about how you do compare yourself with others. What is your ranking and how you are planning to enhance it?

Explaining how you are spotted in your market competition says a lot about your intention on doing work and why to invest particularly.

Pitch deck: Business Model Slides for Beginners



Making Money:

Now that you explained your vision and described your product it’s time to talk about how you will make money out of them, your revenue stream and resources. Let’s get clear all of your presentation is to increase your financial security, to convince investor that your startup worth investing money and to show how they will get benefit as well. Unless it’s a win win situation they won’t buy it. You need to include charts and graphs to make it easier you know not everybody is good with numbers.

Pitch deck: Business Model Slides for Beginners

47% of pitch deck creators believe that this kind of presentations is mainly designed to summarize complex information so that it would be easier to digest. This means you need to focus on the information you are giving and use mostly visuals that support your speech. Another statistics really encourage that 84.3% shared that their presentations where highly visuals focused.

We know that it’s an important move to accomplish your dreams and what you really hope to achieve. Don’t worry it’s brightening out there 64.7% received positive feedback and most of the rest didn’t receive at all.

Our carefully designed templates will guide you to the best ultimate pitch deck that suits your business


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