April 2020 Showcase: Top PowerPoint Presentation Templates

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
May 5, 2020

We know that this time of the year is supposed to be all fresh, springy and out but instead we are setting at our homes trying to get past this very hard time.

At Premast we send a monthly Showcase that includes Top downloads free and premium PowerPoint templates and our latest upload plus some of our recommendations.  So we decide starting from this month we would make it even easier by creating a blog post containing the entire link directly where you can think about it simply and take a closer look on every option.



839po that serve the communication purpose. To create a wide range of ppt templates in different fields such as Business ppt, Medical ppt, educational ppt and etc. Also we are keen on delivering all kinds of categories from charts, Infographics, dashboards, timelines and layouts.  In the upcoming links you will find unique PowerPoint templates that diverse categories and fields.


Recently Added PowerPoint Presentation Templates 


1- Customer Journey Canvas PowerPoint Presentation Template

Customer Journey Canvas PowerPoint Presentation Template

we created This brain new Customer Journey Canvas PowerPoint Presentation that helps you to map your customer experience while using your product or having your service is totally awesome. We talk about a professional PowerPoint template that is full of benefits and will help you.

This Customer Journey toolkit is flexible to use in many forms, online or printable version. It is easy to learn and apply. Interactive to make your journey digitized and modern.

With this customer journey map PowerPoint template is a totally customized and unique. All the slides included are totally editable you can change pretty much everything. All icons and graphs are editable you can change shape, size and colors. You can Pick different fonts and colors themes.

It is absolutely easy to customize customer journey ppt to fit your style and needs. And as we know really well that customers are for different fields and important for all kind of business, you will find different business icons, graphs, charts and maps to help you address your own business. Finally you will find widgets like labels and stuff to mark your work and share it in an understood way with interesting parties. Download customer journey map PowerPoint template now and win your customers.


2- Dashi Social Media – Dashboard PowerPoint Template

Social Media Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation Template

Dashboards are one of the greatest tools could be used to explain numbers and make an understood version of everything going on. We understand that dashboards templates are really for any fields but when we talk about numeric and complicated information, Social media reports become so obvious.

We mean despite that social media platforms are now providing metrics, dashboards and calculations to give a clear vision for the user but to deliver this vision to a client is very hard and tricky. That’s why we thought of adding to Dashi dashboards Bundle extra social media dashboards template that helps you get the best of social media tools. Whatever the platform you are using Facebook, Linked in, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tik Tok or etc. Our product Dashboard PowerPoint Template will fit.

All the dashboards are able to be edited and completely adjusted o fit your needs and taste. Fonts and color themes are able to be edited. Social media reports never been this easy. Download Dashi dashboards social media PowerPoint Template now and take your career to a whole really exciting level.

Check All Dashi Products from here


3- Constown – Construction Project Proposal Presentation

Construction Project Proposal PowerPoint Presentation

Looking for a Construction Project Proposal Presentation? here we prepared a unique and modern one for you. A whole construction presentation PowerPoint template with all details you would need to present your construction project the best way possible. This presentation template is a professional document to contain your content. You sure will win your audience by vivid visuals that save you time and effort and help you bring out the best of your content.

This construction presentation contains a great set of related icons that will blow your mind, plus other very cool stuff. Constructions drawings, maps, tables, diagrams and infographics (Process, puzzles, tree and more). Professional layout for introduction, teams and statements.

This construction presentation ppt is totally modern and clean-lined design that take your work to a whole new professional level. Each and every slide of this construction PowerPoint templates are totally editable. Civil engineerings from different places can use it multiple times. As all icons are made of vectors, you adjust their shapes, sizes and colors. You can pick a different font and a different color theme from ten available ones. All images are with an image place holder. Download it now and customize it totally to be yours.


4- Marketera – Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Template 

Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Template

Along our journey, we knew that Marketing is one of the main majors that we need to consider. As a marketer you always on the go preparing plans, producing reports and presenting ideas, that’s why we have made this very professional all in one PowerPoint templates Marketera.

Marketera is a marketing strategy PowerPoint template that supports all the areas of a strategy and more. This template contains different layouts for introduction, team and main points. It also contains different analysis layouts mainly SOWT slide and also goal measuring slide and more. Marketera contains all the tools for data transferring such as infographics, charts, timelines, tables, bullet points and more. If you are looking for a marketing strategy PowerPoint presentation template, stop looking around and enjoy high quality and unique designs.


5- Dashi SEO Report – Dashboard PowerPoint Template

SEO Report - Dashboard PowerPoint Template

One of the most searched marketing PowerPoint templates is SEO PowerPoint templateDashi is a project focusing on designing dashboards PowerPoint templates. As we know SEO is one of these fields that needs tracking for your keywords and how they perform. Dashi dashboards SEO template contains +20 slides that are specially designed for SEO specialist that searching for a way to track and analyze their SEO activities. Those who are looking for a perfect search engine optimization ppt to present their results.

Premast SEO PowerPoint template contains tables, chartspie chartsgraphs and mapsBusiness vector icons are included to help you present your hard work. This template is totally editable you can change the themes and fonts. It is designed in Dark mode for those who need it. This template can be used for serval times and totally changed to fit your needs and brand guidelines. Check our search engine optimization PowerPoint template and download it now.


6- Medirest – First Aid PowerPoint Presentation Template

Medirest is our latest Healthcare PowerPoint template. Being in the medical field needs a lot of work and as part of this very noble career, Most doctors or hospital managers need a quick, modern and creative medical presentation templates to present and reflect on their data.

In this First Aid PowerPoint Template, you will find what you need and more. This really professional ppt is about basic first aid and medical aspects. it contains medical icons and illustrations so you can present your content. You will also find graphs and charts that represent the statistics or results you have been working on. Medical maps and infographics are included. timelines and tables designed to help your theme. This PowerPoint template is really helpful and original that it reflects being modern and updated.

You can use it if you are looking for the following, healthcare ppt, safety and first aid ppt, first aid training ppt, health and safety presentation, burn first aid ppt, emergency first aid, first aid for parents or etc.
It could be totally edited and changed which give you the opportunity to use it several times. You can change icons, sizes, colors, fonts and themes. It is totally customized to be your own. Doctors, researchers, nursesfirst aid background, managers, medical students and medical professors can use this super beneficial PowerPoint template to rock your presentation.

This ppt contains highly valued elements to create the perfect medical Presentation.

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Top Downloaded Items


1- Dashi Marketing – Dashboard Report PowerPoint Template

Dashboard Report PowerPoint Presentation Template

Adding to our very awesome dashboards collection, here we introduce Dashi Marketing dashboards. If you are in the marketing field, you for sure know how it is difficult to arrange your data and present them as understandable information that you can reflect on and present to others.

Our dashboard PowerPoint presentation template for marketing is here to help in that. You can use our marketing dashboards for multiple purposes such as reporting for your customer, comparing results, calculating budgets, advertisement reflection and more. It is a tool that can be used with numbers and statistics to change your numeric data into clear mand making sene information.

charts, tables, dashboards are included. Piecharts and bar charts are really great option for measurement and presenting. Whether it’s project management, social media marketing, advertisement, budgets and etc this PowerPoint template surve it all. Each and every slide is totally editable, vectors are included. 10 Color themes are included, you can change it to fit your taste and brand guidelines. flat vector business concept is in there too.


2- Business Model Canvas PowerPoint Template

Business Model Canvas PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a business model canvas ppt, stop now!
We at Premast designed a business model canvas tool kit that helps you take Business model to another level with multiple slides to make it easier and simpler to use. As entrepreneurs startups need a business plan that makes you take actions and start implementing right the way.

Business Model Canvas focuses on all the parts of a solid business plan, Customers, activities, partners, your value proposition, finance, marketing and the channels you are using. Have Premast Business Model Canvas Model now and start off strong.

Business model canvas template ppt is a part of our vision to support startups and leaders to achieve what they really want, check it now. It’s all made of PowerPoint with multiple benefits, it’s an interactive PowerPoint template that come with widgets and can be printed. Purchase your version and start planning.


3- Canoply Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

Canopoly Business plan PowerPoint presentation template is ready to surf your needs. it has different layouts and icons. High designed slides that meet professionalism and creativity. You will find timelines, introductions, dashboards and graphs slides. You can use it for investors, contests or even as a company portfolio. Take your business where it needs to be taken. Complete all the corners of the perfect presentation with Canopoly”.


4- Dashi SEO Report – Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation

SEO Report Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation

It is one of the great PowerPoint Templates and it is mentioned twice in this month showcase 😀


Top Free Downloaded Items


1- Coronavirus Powerpoint Presentation Theme

Corona virus PowerPoint Presentation Template

The whole world now is on the edge trying to control the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). For those who don’t know that the Coronaviruses was first reported in Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. We can say that unfortunately, we welcomed the new decades with the catastrophe of a deadly disease. An epidemic that is threatening all of our lives. As a part of our role towards raising awareness here, we introduce the coronavirus PowerPoint template. This informative PowerPoint template is for you, you can hit two birds with one stone. First, it contains information that helps you get well educated about Coronaviruses and understand what the world is saying about this disaster. The Coronavirus PowerPoint template contains some points about how it all started and how to take care of yourself and the surrounding. It has information about what to do to decrease the chance of carrying such a dangerous infection.


2- Empower Free Sports PowerPoint Presentation template ⚽

Free Sports PowerPoint Presentation template

This free PowerPoint presentation template is dedicated to sports themes. If you are in this field and need easy to edit and a high-quality template, emPower is what you need. With the right potions between enthusiasm and power, you can use it to present the idea to your team or even use it for pitching if you are working on a related business. Editable with image placeholders and a big color palette.


3- Simplex – Free Minimal Business Plan PowerPoint Theme

Free Minimal Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Planning is always your first step in starting new project or business, modern business plan consists of series of process and need a long time of research to know how to do it, Also it must have a shinning design to get it POP! up.


4- Marketing Plan Free Powerpoint Theme

Marketing Plan Free Powerpoint Theme

This Presentation template give you the chance to create a whole marketing plan includes graphs for estimation, infographics for process and icons to address your targets and plan


Handpicked Items


1-Customer Journey Canvas PowerPoint Presentation

Customer Journey Canvas PowerPoint Presentation Template


2- Dashi Social Media – Dashboard PowerPoint Template

Social Media Dashboard PowerPoint Template


3- Eargo Matrix Infographics PowerPoint Template

Matrix Infographics PowerPoint Template



4- Medical & Healthcare Business PowerPoint Presentation

Medical & Healthcare Business PowerPoint Presentation


Check our other templates and opportunities, wait, a monthly send our mailshot with all the goodies. And as a reminder we have an amazing referral program that gives you the opportunity to have a free premium month, check it from here

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