Business Model Canvas ToolKit

Business Model Canvas is a business tool created by Alexander Osterwalderthat and has been used since 2010 to help startups. We at Premast designed a tool kit that helps you take Business model to another level with multiple slides to make it easier and simpler to use. As entrepreneurs startups need a business plan that makes you take actions and start implementing right the way.
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Business Model Canvas ToolKit
Business Model Canvas ToolKit
Have our Business Model Canvas now and start off strong
Have our Business Model Canvas now and start off strong

Have our Business Model Canvas now and start off strong

Premast’s Business Model Canvas focuses on all the parts of a solid business plan, Customers, activities, partners, your value proposition, finance, marketing and the channels you are using.
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Comes With Widgets

They help you have your customized template through choosing the labels and tools that fits you


You can use it in many forms, digital or hard copy, which makes our template easy to share and to use.


The slides are interactive; it’s easy for you to go from a block to another to make it more flexible and professional.

Why use Premast Business Model Canvas ?

headline Our BMC toolkit provide you with a customized templates as we are providing widgets, such as sticky notes, labels and icons that help you take notes and personalize your model.
headline Business Model Canvas is known to be a solid template that usually done on paper, to have a digitized copy enable you to copy it, save changes, share it easily. PowerPoint formate enable you to totally edit it to fit your needs and taste. Printable version is included.
headline Each block is connected to a slide that gives you a clear idea on what you should put inside. It is an interactive template that connect blocks to the slides, once you click on the block it leads you directly to the slide that makes it easier to use it.

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