Unique PowerPoint Presentations for your Business

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
September 8, 2021
Business ppt

Business PowerPoint templates are one of the most used when it comes to presentations. Every day tons of presentations are designed under the umbrella of business, for sales, marketing, project management, financial statements, budget plans and etc, we can go forever. In this article, we introduce a couple of business PowerPoint templates in unique areas such as Pitch deck, Blockchain, Proposals. 

The challenge when it comes to creating Business presentations is to have both high-quality slide design and to do it yourself. As statistics in 2020 proved that 91% of presentation users feel more confident using a high-quality design and 67% of them want to design the presentation themselves. Premast PowerPoint templates give the user the chance to have a professional design with their own touch and taste. As all designs are editable can be customized.

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PowerPoint Presentation Templates for Business 

Pitch deck PowerPoint Presentation Templates


1-Lumi – Pitch Deck Presentation Template


pitchdeck ppt pitchdeck ppt

pitchdeck ppt pitchdeck ppt

Pitch Deck Presentation Template designed for you. Looking for a powerful presentation template to win your audience over? Help your clients get that sale with our pitch deck PowerPoint template. you can create a convincing presentation within minutes in PowerPoint to wow the crowd and get that contract. Download our clean and simple Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template. The best part is that everything is editable, so you can customize it to suit your business. And it’s compatible with both PC and Mac!

2- Flopia Pitch Deck Presentation Template


pitchdeck ppt pitchdeck ppt

pitchdeck ppt pitchdeck ppt

Flopia ” Flopia is another Pitch deck presentation template that contains professionally designed slides that deliver your idea best way possible. The presentation template contains different layouts, graphs, team slides, infographics, and more. Strive up your opportunities with the perfect Pitch deck PowerPoint presentation now. Totally editable and customized.


3-Pitcheck – Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentation Template


pitchdeck ppt pitchdeck ppt


Pitch deck PowerPoint presentation template designed in a modern and effective way to deliver your content. A PowerPoint Template that includes all visual tools and perfect layouts to pitch your brand and win your business investment. Introducing startup investor presentation ppt that can be easily used and shared.
A pitch deck PowerPoint presentation template that you can totally customize and edit to fit your needs and brand guidelines. You can totally edit this ppt template to go with your taste and to fit your business.


Blockchain PowerPoint Presentation Templates


1-Blockchain PPT Business Presentation Template


Blockchain ppt Blockchain ppt

Blockchain pptbbBlockchain ppt

It’s really important to have a clear presentation in the business world. Losing your audience would be trouble. In this Blockchain powerpoint template, we save your effort and guide you with a variety of themes, icons, and graphics to fit your business whatever the field is.

2- ICO Business Plan Presentation PowerPoint Template


Blockchain and ICO ppt Blockchain and ICO PPT

Blockchain and ICO ppt

ICO PowerPoint Presentation (initial coin offering Presentation) is designed to meet your expectation in a template, Cryptocurrency illustrations, informative data, and infographics. you will also find charts, graphs, and graphics to deliver the perfect Token Presentation.


3-Blockchain & Cryptocurrency PowerPoint Template


Crypto currency ppt Crypto currency ppt

he Blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are in the top financial searches of 2019 on google. This crypto presentation is a perfect template to explain these categories in different ways like business, finances, digital money, and transactions.

This cryptocurrency PPT template comes with an amazing 12 unique slides with outstanding animations effect using the latest technologies of PowerPoint, you will be amazed by this animation style.

To update this template you don’t need any technical experience just drag and drop images, change text, choose your brand colors and your presentation is now ready to present your ideas and catch your audience’s eyes.


Business Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Templates


1-Calfex – Project Proposal PPT Presentation Template


Proposal ppt Proposal ppt

Proposal PPt Proposal ppt

Project Proposal PPT Presentation Template designed to fit the modern edge of business. Introducing a very cool comprehensive PowerPoint tool for anyone looking to design a professional proposal. This Project Proposal PPT is a great way to impress your audience showing them that you got your presentation done especially for them. All the included items are updated to fit the market of the modern presentation business.


2- Proforia – Sales Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template


Proposal ppt proposal ppt

Proposal ppt Proposal ppt

Sales proposal PowerPoint Presentation template to help you present success. A sales ppt template that suits different uses and purposes when it comes to sales presentations. You can totally customize it to present sales plans, sales reports, or sales proposals. Surely it will catch the minds of your audience.

Proforia is a Sales proposal PowerPoint Presentation template that is totally editable and can be recolored, resized, and reorganize to fit your needs and style. Visuals included in this PowerPoint support the sales field, the layouts, and the graphics and icons used. Few edits and your vision will come to life


3- Website Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template


Proposal ppt Proposal ppt

Proposal ppt Proposal ppt

Website Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Template thoughtfully designed for you to use. Comprehensive design for anyone trying to find a website proposal document. This website development proposal ppt is a template that can be used multiple times and contains a lot of options to utilize, modern visuals, and great content opportunities.

While creating this template, being flexible and practical was in mind, that’s why the user of this template will find different layouts for introductions and notes, visual tools such as infographics, graphics, tables, and charts plus icons and illustrations. All are included with a big innovation thinking and modern style you can easily win your customer. It’s a professional lined web design & development project proposal presentation.

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