Premast Recently Added Items – Presentations Templates and Spring Icons

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
April 8, 2022


Premast Plus Provide you with multiple options to access in both PowerPoint and Google Slides, we provide you with weekly updates, and this week we choose some of them to showcase in this article.

Before getting deeper into it, don’t forget to take a look at our Ramadan Illustrations editor

Presentations are an essential part of putting together a well-prepared session. Presentations slides and icons sets can provide a base for any presentation and make it appealing for the audience.

The templates are made in such a way that they can be easily customized, so you can present your project in the best possible way. They are not just limited to presentations but also include slide designs, icons sets, and other graphic elements that can help you in your design work.

Presentation templates come with a lot of benefits which include:

– They are easy to customize as they have multiple design options.

– You get access to beautiful graphics at an affordable price.

– It will help you prepare faster as these templates come with pre-built layouts and color schemes which saves time on





1- Our Services Slide


A slide designed in a minimal style to fit a luxury look of a presentation. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to personalizing it to fit your needs. You can add a picture of the company, you, or your product. It fits particularly marketing presentations, but it can be utilized for other types too.

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2- About Us Slide

Abou us slide is one of the most used slides out there, it fits in any presentation. This one is quite special though, as it includes a timeline that helps you tell your company story. It’s fully editable and you can use it for multiple ideas.


3- Business Meeting Slide

This Meeting slide is a fun one, adding illustrations makes your presentation more fun to read. This slide is fully editable and can be used for multiple organizations. You only need to edit the colors and insert your text and you are ready to present.

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4- Market Segment Slide

Market segment slide a one that business owners who raise funds will need or if you are a marker, you surely will be excited to find such a clean design that you can customize it to fit the case of the market you present about.

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5- Triangle Infographic Slide

If you are looking to increase the uniqueness of your presentations, geometric shapes are a good choice. This infographic is so practical as you can pretty shape it to fit any topic you want.

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6- Mind Map Slide 

Don’t we all need it, mind map slides are pretty cool if you’re addressing for your team how things are going and teaching them how to organize some goals and milestones. This slide can also be used by teachers for brain lessons 😉

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7- Book Infographic Slide

This book infographic slide is a fun addition to a teacher presentation or if your business is about reading. You can totally edit it, add more books, change colors and insert your text.

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8- Meet Our Team Slide

Presenting your team is one of the catchiest things in a presentation when needed, you have to make it right. This slide can be utilized for different uses too. For example, if you are applying for a job you can add it to your portfolio.

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9- About Us Slide with a Quote 

This very cool slide can be used for a minimal and modern outlay. You can add a picture that represents your company or team. There are three circles that can be used to highlight important messages.

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10 – Medical infographic with six elements Slide

This vibrant and colorful slide is fully editable, it’s an infographic that fits different categories of medical presentations. You are free to edit the illustration or replace it with another one. Adjust color and insert text and that’s it.

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Hello spring Icon Set

spring icons

In this set, you will find different icons related to spring. A rainbow, a tree, a flying bird, and many other amazing and expressive icons. With the right choice, you will nourish your content. Just pick and edit it to fit your needs.

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