December Showcase: Recently Added, Top Downloaded PowerPoint Template& more!

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
December 10, 2020

It’s December Hi; it’s a new month, a new set of very special PowerPoint Presentation templates that fit different categories and can be used for different purposes. On a monthly basis, we deliver our newest designed template for you along with our recommendations for what is trendy in the market and what would be useful for your needs. You will find options that serve your content in the best way. Business ppt templates with all it’s branches, Medical templates, educational, and much more.

It’s known that all our templates are fully changeable and can be totally customized to fit different needs and styles.  providing a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to color palettes and layouts. Choosing to use an image place holder make it more professional to add images. Vector icons give the user an opportunity to adjust each icon’s size, shape, and color. And now to these monthly goodies.

Recently Added PowerPoint Templates


1- dashi Annual Report Presentation PPT


Annual Report dashboard presentation PPT template designed to help you report your year in the most professional style. Introducing this annual dashboard report to you aiming to help you present your data briefly and fast. Using the dashi annual report enables you to present, share, report, and analyze your year effectively.

This annual Report dashboard presentation PPT template is fully editable. You can customize it to fit your needs and style. You can start with changing the color theme where the PowerPoint dashboards meet your brand guideline. Changing fonts and replace icons is totally applicable too.

2- Timeline Infographics – PowerPoint Presentation Template


Timeline Infographics Presentation Template for PowerPoint to present, track, and analyze your project’s performance. A comprehensive Project Timeline Infographic presentation for all kinds of projects you can think of. This template includes a wide range of timeline infographic in different shapes and layouts. A collection of timelines that fit all project needs.


3-Business Strategy Presentation Template PPT

Business Strategy Presentation Template PPT designed to help you present and share your business plan in detail. This full and comprehensive PowerPoint template focuses on the modern component of a business plan. This business growth plan presentation enables you with analysis and planning tools, that guide your thought and ideas to create your next step.

4- Europe Maps Presentation Template for PowerPoint

Europe Maps Presentation Template for PowerPoint to use in your presentation about Europe. This PowerPoint template representing European countries. You may not use it only for geography but also in your business planning, analysis, and reporting. The fact that this Europe PowerPoint template is fully editable and you can customize it to fit your needs and style. You can recolor, resize, and reorganize your slides to fit the use you desire.

5- Brand Guideline Builder PowerPoint Presentation Template

Brand Guideline Builder PowerPoint Presentation Template to present your logo perfectly. You can use this template to share your brand guidelines with other interested parties. And if you are a designer you can totally use it to introduce your branding designs to your customers. The key with this PowerPoint template is its professional and got all the widgets that you may need to present your creative branding project. It’s a minimal style template that fits different preferences and goes with any color palette you may use.

6-Asia Maps PowerPoint Presentation Template

sia Maps PowerPoint Presentation Template for those who are looking for professional and accurate maps for the continent of Asia. A PowerPoint template that is created to help you present or use the Asian countries in a specific context. This template is a new and unique layout that includes Asian maps for countries. The uses for these templates varies, it can be used on an educational level, to demonstrate the countries of Asia in a geography class. It can be used in marketing to reflect on your targeted Asian areas. It can be used in different reporting, pitching, and presenting uses.

Top Downloaded PowerPoint Templates

1-dashi Sales – Sales Dashboard Report PPT Presentation

Comprehensive Sales Dashboard Report PPT Presentation contains and presents busy layouts for business performance reporting. These dashboard ppt templates introduce professional insight tools into the business and management sector. This dashboard presentation template provides a big collection of data-drive charts and graphs to visualize and simplifies complex data in a comprehensive view. As sales and management dashboards are useful business visual tools to display ultimate KPIs. The data charts reflected on dashboards present an overview of performance and insights on improved productivity. Enable the viewers to view different performances on charts at once and identify the place that needs attention.

2-dashi Sports – Sports Dashboard PowerPoint Report Presentation

Sports dashboard PowerPoint report presentation template added to dashi Bundle. For all those who are working in the sports sector, here is a complete and comprehensive PowerPoint template for sports-related dashboards. Everyone working with sports reporting, this metrics sports dashboard ppt template contains all designs you look for. They work for teams, scores, and players. It’s easier for you to track performances and analysis the situations. As we are creating dashboards, graphs, charts, tables, and sports icons are included.

3- Merry Christmas PowerPoint Presentation Template

As a celebration from our part here we introduce Christmas ppt presentation template. Enjoy the holiday season with our free PowerPoint template. Totally editable. It will inspire you to celebrate with all the festive icons and dreamy pics inside. Red is or favorite these days but you can pick what ever from the color pallette Premast provides. Keep it around you may play around with it and use it later this year. Social media designs are included,celebrate with your community with high quality posts. Happy holidays.

4- General Lesson Plan PowerPoint Presentation PPT

This General Lesson Plan PowerPoint Presentation focuses on empowering the educators to have visual tools that help him/her address their lessons and found the right illustrations to express their content. Lately, the educational process is facing a movement forward towards sharing lessons online during the lockdowns happening in different countries around the world, we found that such a presentation lesson ppt will help teachers communicate better and maintain their work in the best form.

Handpicked PowerPoint Templates

1-Marketera – Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Presentation

 Marketera is a marketing strategy PowerPoint template that supports all the areas of a strategy and more. This template contains different layouts for introduction, team and main points. It also contains different analysis layouts mainly SOWT slide and also goal measuring slide and more. Marketera contains all the tools for data transferring such as infographics, charts, timelines, tables, bullet points and more. If you are looking for a marketing strategy PowerPoint presentation template, stop looking around and enjoy high quality and unique designs.

2-Dashi Social Media – Dashboard Report Presentation

Dashboards are one of the greatest tools that could be used to explain numbers and make an understood version of everything going on. We understand that dashboards templates are really for any fields but when we talk about numeric and complicated information, Social media reports become so obvious. We mean despite that social media platforms are now providing metrics, dashboards and calculations to give a clear vision for the user but to deliver this vision to a client is very hard and tricky.

3-Minimal Style Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Minimal Style Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation designed for those who seek a modern and clean design. That focuses on creating an amazing minimalistic business plan. This business plan presentation ppt provides you with a wide range of layouts that fits different categorize and uses. The user of this ppt template will find a variety of slides designed to fit all kinds of documents and presentations you may present. It’s a clean-lined design that focuses on the data provided and the content you are sharing. Such a business plan PowerPoint template tries to create a room for the user to personalize the resulted template and help them create a fully related plan.

4-Mapper – 20 European Countries 3D Maps for PowerPoint

20 European Countries 3D Maps for PowerPoint ready for you to download. We created this map ppt template to support those who look for unique graphics for maps and templates to edit. Inside this template, you will find 3D designs illustrate the continent of Europe. Different countries and areas are available for you to get and edit to suit your needs. The thing with 3D designs is that they feel more alive and modern. You can utilize them for a presentation about geography or expanding your business plan. Our designs are professional enough to be used in a class, company, conferences, or any document about related subjects.


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