Presentation Skills: Different Characters Giving Presentation!

Presentation Skills: Different Characters Giving Presentation!

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Giving a presentation is a main point in any job description form you read or you sign. As much as we all try to dig in the wild world of public speaking and presenting, we get a bit lost. Presentation skills are general and vary from a field to another, a situation to another but mostly important it varies from a personality to another.

However trying being professional and fit all the fine measurements of a good presenter you can’t help but taking your personality along with you on the stage. Your inner self with pop on the surface reflecting your thoughts, believes and attitudes. It’s not a bad thing at all, actually if used right it would be a great combination that distinguish you. Adding a bit of your flavor always is a win.

So Presentation skills are for how you stand, what tone voice you are using and how to start or end a presentation. Now we will take it to a different aspect, how most of us act based on our vision and what we want to deliver. To make it more fun and playful let’s name them something cool shall it be light and cool.

Those characters are only for fun, even though in physiology some of them exist but with different formulas, here we just want to make it clear and understandable; disclaimer needed for not bouncing some thoughts around!

The “Marshmallow” Character

This sweet sugar based candy is every one’s favorite, we use it to have fun and celebrate a good gathering.  Why we named it “Marshmallow”? To deliver the flavor of a fun and kind person. Some one that aims to entertain the attendees, you usually start with a joke or a fun story. Your presentation is full of surprises……like a sudden game or a treat.

We need some fun for sure but the risk here is in order to impress your audience you get lost and lose focus on what’s really important. Public speaking is one of the most outgoing things you can master and this makes you want to be really different and expressive. A Marshmallow character would do whatever to please his aim to make everyone happy and to be unforgettable. But going over the top may turn it into a joke.

Balancing this is totally easy; you just need to focus first on the core message you are delivering and then utilize the fun in between. Like start with your fun story but make sure you deliver the moral. When it comes to games, we adults love to have fun and remember our childish side but you need to set the games that reflect a lesson somehow and complete your targeted outcome. Now you nail presentation skills.

Ok Marshmallow, stay fun and different and keeps your coolness there.


The “Sponge” Character

One thing we know about the sponge it absorbs absorbs and absorbs; now you get it. The sponge character is some one that aims to persuade his audience with their message. They focus on collecting information about the audience and what they like and when they are really interested so he can talk one to one and deliver his message.

The thing with the sponge characters is sometimes they absorb too much of every one that they get lost reflecting it. It’s totally ok to try making your audience feel that your presentation is made custom for them, but too much of everything cause harm.

You as a sponge notice the tiniest details and focus on the contribution of your heart and brain to talk logic and emotions. Balancing this is magic and gives you credit ahead. To persuade someone with a concept you are trying to deliver takes effort but it worth at the end. Mixing your abilities with some presentation skills should work.

Ok Sponge, keep your curiosity on it will help you go where you want.


The “Firework” Character

Vavavo…… we are looking for some motivation here, your aim my friend is to inspire your audience. Inspiring a group of people is really intense thing to do but it provides a great feeling. Watching their reactions, how their eyes open up, and their body language and also hearing their feedback about the possibility of changing their life because of your words.

Usually being excited really shows on your body language and this being delivered to your audience make the room full of energy. The risk here is you get too excited so you keep talking and talking and your voice is raised up with no particular value to offer. Sometimes we get lost in transferring our energy that we transfer too much of it, as we all know the more of anything than needed is not preferred.

To find the balance just utilize all the excitement and the movement in a place where you can share with your audience like be in their shoes. Presentation skills is about affecting them any ways, motivational videos are one of the greatest tools you can start your presentation. A firework character is all about feeling the fire coming from your inner beliefs to reflect it on your audience.

Ok Firework, keep the fire up and the enthusiasm in your pocket spread it in the world we are in a deep need for it.

The “Google-Trap” Character

Google is a good thing, but why a TRAP! Simply because you get into it too much that it turned against you. What we mean by a Google-trap is some one that gets into facts and statistics too much. Your aim here is to inform and educate your audience. Presentations are about combining knowledge with delivering skills but to keep reading your slide to show numbers and evidence mostly turns out to be boring.

You usually depend on charts and graphs which are phenomenal; along with a fair numbers of clear slides that contains pictures and images. Addressing too much of scientific and historical points it turns into a primary class that we don’t like.

To balance up support your speech with these statistics and national geography video but they are not the main focus. A Google trap character is someone who really has a good and a great memory and some time they believe people are like them will lean towards having information in. actually most of us don’t, we lose focus in 20 minutes and we lose interest way more before that 😀

Ok Google-Trap, keep your desire to know more and your nerd side that gives you an advantage over others, it will help you glow.

At the end guys our personality really maters when delivering our message, the way we can communicate with other depends mainly on how we see ourselves and how we see our potentials. Whatever your character is we know you can do it. Presentation skills are the key.

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