Phrases Avoid To Say In A Presentation

Phrases Avoid To Say In A Presentation

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Presenting your idea is one of the skills you need to have if you are planning success. We are trying to spread the knowledge of implementing a perfect presentation. Skills needed is really applicable, you just have to know how.

Chelsea Clinton said “I love the right words. I think economy and precision of language are important.” We got you Chelsea……….Words are important, they wither build a good reflection or damage your chance to nail it. Now let’s say what to avoid saying a presentation.


I’m the center you know!

Darling this presentation is really not about you at all. May be you are the content creator, you got the message to deliver but your audiences are the focus here. So try to forget “I”, “Me” and “My” with words like “You guys”, “Ours”, “US” and “You again”. Always remember that your mission is to make them understand and to convince them with whatever you need to.

As we said in a previous blog post your audiences needs come first.


Value my content less please! -_-

You know what if you don’t believe in what you are providing to others neither they will!

Saying for example “A little bit about…” shows you don’t have enough about something. Why would you talk about things you are not qualified enough to talk about.

Or saying “I just want to tell you whatever” dude…. You don’t need to justify thing, it’s your presentation own it. “I will Talk about space, then I’ll Talk about the moon, then I’ll Talk about blah blah blah” just talk don’t bore your audience please.


Do not apologize for who you are ….don’t apologies at all!

Ok apologizing is something I encourage in life. Sometimes you just need to be sorry for everything and turn things dramatic a little but not today, not while you are presenting.

Saying things such as “sorry for the rush” or “sorry if you can’t hear me” is just complaining and consider helpless somehow, it’s better to fix things out. Don’t ask for their petty, this delivers them the feeling that you are unsure and don’t deserve to be here.

“Excuse my mess” or “Excuse the complicated graphs” is another way of watering down your whole presentation. If you are not convinced again they never will. Trust your content and it will be reflected by nature and don’t forget they came to listen to you.

Explaining, explaining and oh explaining again.

Let’s say you are going to start your presentation with a story, great start good for you but stories are great because people figure it out while telling why you would spoiler everything with “let’s start with telling a story”! Just jump to it they will believe it much more.

Or the big one” here is a funny joke” what if it’s not funny! How would you feel if there is no laughing and you are hearing the echo of “You are not funny dude” at the back of your head. Science actually proved that saying how funny what you are saying is going to be raising the expectation of the audience so even if it’s funny they may not laugh as it’s not so funny!

Don’t explain too many just address what they really need to know. Don’t explain what the next slide is going to be about, just go through until it’s the time to present it.


Last but not least, don’t be too honest!

“Excuse me if I seem nervous” really!! First of all half of your nervousness is hidden people don’t know about it. I promise your hands are not that shaking, your brain is just doing tricks to escape the room.

“I’m not good at public speaking” don’t do it so…….. Not just it’s not their responsibility but also it weakens your whole presentation. Even if you are not this bad they will judge you or at least they will believe you could have been better. Exactly like “I’ve never done this before” or “I’m not a speaker”. Live this journey alone or with your close friends, believe it and it will happen.

This type of honesty is really funny from my prospective “I think I’ve bored you enough”. What are you doing?!!! And why you would do it?! We are adult enough to know that both parties you and your audience are hear for a win win situation, don’t underestimate your value by providing them with this lazy and not active soul.

The big one “I didn’t have enough time to prepare” sadly you now underestimate your audience value. You got the knowledge and experience or you got a message and idea to spread, you have to prepare and if you didn’t they won’t know if you didn’t tell. So don’t.


Again you are lucky to get the chance of sharing what you have with your audience, try to keep this in mind.

Behind the scene is your adventure and will be reflected on the information you are providing. Words worth a lot use them wisely and trust you. Own this.

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