How to Survive Your First Presentation!

How to Survive Your First Presentation!

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You are not afraid of publicly speaking you are afraid of the idea of being afraid! This means you worry too much about something that doesn’t really make sense. Your first presentation is the kick start for introducing your ideas to the world. So let’s see how you can survive your first presentation.

The fact you are reading this means you need to overcome your anxiously presenting skills. Let’s make a deal……the fact you are challenging yourself and step into presenting world, shows how brave you are. Now we are talking about abilities and capabilities you already have. We introduce something that is hidden inside of you and need to be discovered or highlighted.

All those great presenters and public speakers started somewhere.  With practicing their name shows up when searching for “Best public speakers ever!” so as a start you need to consider the following5 points to pass your first presentation save and sound.


Relax and Sleep:

Let’s start with the night before, sometimes being extra enthusiastic makes you wide awake. Heart beats are fast and you are overthinking everything. How will I do? Will they like no will they love me???   I’ll start with this and ends with that!!

Recalling all your content over and over again, changing scripts in your mind. Listen to me R.E.L.A.X duds relax. Sleeping and relaxing before a presentation is a must, first all of this thinking makes you doubt your efforts, second you will end up drinking a lot of coffee to awaken yourself because your nervous system is so stressed up. Sleep well and tight and you will do magic with everything you prepared.


Dress Confidence:

You know this quote “Dress to be addressed”. Showing up in the appropriate clothes were you feel comfortable, handsome (beautiful) and confidante is one of the main keys here my friends. These positive feelings will show while presenting. Admiring yourself and the way you look boost your confidence level which shows in the way you stand, speak and present your content. Polish up and you are ready to go.

Remember being true to your skin, comfortable in what you are wearing and look smart and sharp deliver half of your message.



Now expect and accept the fact that you will be nervous:

Let’s face it, you are going to be nervous but let’s face it again, it’s not going to show this much or will not show at all. Studies proved that the hurricane happening inside of you while you are publicly speaking is like a spring breeze to your audience. Be sure you are not in the blinder shaking around like your morning protein, you are stand still.

Being nervous comes out of worrying too much, imagining all worst case scenarios and fearing the judgment of your audience. Put in your mind that those people are here to listen to you, they would love to believe you and get benefits out of this. You are brave enough to step forward to share your efforts, adults respect that.


Watch others and practice, practice and practice!

You studied your topic well I guess. Directed all the speech or presentation in your head, cool. Now watch videos for successful presenters over and over again. Analyze the movement; see how they interact with their audience. This will give you the courage to know that things happen and you don’t need to be really perfect. It will give you guides of how you can prepare and how to add up for the attendee.

Knowing things is not enough, practicing them is the key. You know your mirror, right? It’s your friend know. Grape your brush and start to look yourself in the eye and act crazy, I mean really start introducing yourself and enjoy the imaginary clapping and then start your presentation. Do this as much as you can, it’ll help you gain confidence   and know your content strongly.

Start with a killer opener:

I believe that days follow mornings; ends follow starts and awesomeness follows confidence. The impact that you leave on your audience at the very first of your presentation will mostly affect how they receive your performance.

Two recommended ways I’m sure you heard about before, first start with a general question. A general question means a one that we all in the room can be related too and has a possible answer to give, not something that is personal and emotional. For example it could be something like” has anyone ever traveled abroad?” – This help you get their attention as they now wants to participate and be part of the discussion.

Second is telling a story, starting with a story and maybe a one that is so special to you grip their minds, hearts and ears. Tell it considering story telling techniques, they will be waiting for a closure and how the end is related to the topic they are here for today. Starting strong and seeing interaction from their side will give you confidence to rock the rest of your speech.


First time doing anything is challenging, first presentation is an opportunity to share your ideas and being brave. Just put in mind it will pass and it is a practicing for more and more successful one.







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