How to Make A Business Presentation

How to Make A Business Presentation

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Making a business presentation is an occasion that many people think that it is scary. A business presentation, however, is simply another business skill, integrating particular technical aspects with behavioral practice.

There are 3 distinct elements to making an effective presentation:

– Using PowerPoint appropriately to support your presentation

– Delivering your presentation successfully

This article, the 3rd of three, will lay out how to deliver a business presentation successfully, supported by PowerPoint. It will show a variety of components which need focus and practice, and also serious mistakes to prevent.


If you have followed the concepts and suggestions provided in the 2 companion short articles, then you will have established a business presentation that:

– Addresses the strategic interests of your audience

– Highlights the salient points

– Offers the most important details

– Provides an engaging argument

– Is supported appropriately by PowerPoint slides

– Offers paperwork for the individuals

You now are prepared to arrange the shipment of your business presentation. Bear in mind that You are the presentation and that throughout the presentation you need to command the audience’s attention and lead their thinking.

Your Objective

The goal of your business presentation is to engage your audience to support and back the resource requirements required to attain your business priorities.

In order to achieve this objective, you need to ” connect” with the audience. You wish to show that you are the expert of your business portfolio and one way of developing such reliability is to predict ease, comfort, and control.

Some individuals prefer to write out the whole presentation and then deliver it as a speech. You will require to practice your delivery in order to discover your preferred approach, while also calibrating the presentation’s timing.


You need to practice, practice, practice. Like athletes and artists. They invest lots of numerous hours, perhaps even thousands, developing their abilities. In specific, they focus on their weaknesses, striving to transform them into areas of quality.

Because much of us don’t feel qualified and, for that reason, aren’t comfy in providing a business presentation, we tend to avoid practicing it. Intuitively, though, we understand that practice will help us progress skilled and, with that, more at ease.

Start by practicing alone.

– Time your presentation and make the needed changes.

– Become intimately familiar with the content and details of your presentation.

– Listen to your voice, tone, pitch, and cadence.

– Practice in front of a mirror. If possible, tape your presentation.

When you feel reasonably prepared with providing your business presentation, look for a confidant who you trust and regard, and have her/him critique your presentation shipment.

Er, Um and Ah

We frequently encounter business discussions which are peppered with ” Ers, Ums and Ahs”. These act as substantial distractions for the audience and undermine the presentation. Why does this occur?

If one hasn’t practiced a business presentation adequately, then in the minute of shipment the mind races to arrange ideas and phrases. The ” Ers, Ums and Ahs” act as short reprieves to allow our psychological processing.

This counter-productive behavior can be removed by:

– Recognizing your current shipment patterns.

– Identifying your preferred shipment style and knowingly designing it.

– Slowing down the delivery of your presentation, concerning a full stop on a celebration and calmly pausing.

– Practicing your business presentation thoroughly and consistently.


Spend a long time considering what could de-rail your presentation and how you might respond in real time. Some situations may be:

– Questions disrupting the presentation.

– Someone talking on their cell-phone.

– People whispering.

– Losing the audience’s attention.

If you can pre-determine how you may handle these kinds of circumstances, you will be able to react and maintain control of your business presentation.

It also is suitable to establish conditions at the start of your presentation (asking the audience to turn off their cell-phones, for example, or asking for that questions be held until completion).


By combining these ideas about how to provide a business presentation effectively with recommendations from the buddy short articles on how to create a high-powered presentation and how to use PowerPoint correctly.

you will end up being much more skilled and positive in delivering high-powered and effective business presentations.

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