Animated Dashboards PowerPoint Templates

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
November 16, 2021

Animated Dashboards PowerPoint Templates are handy when you create presentations to have an interactive experience with your audience. Dashboards help you to show the progress and status of a project. You can use these Animated Dashboard Templates for PowerPoint to create impressive reports. These templates have everything you need – from graphs and charts to interactive diagrams and tables.

There is no need to be a professional designer or illustrator as these templates come with pre-made slides, so all you have to do is add text! adjust the colors and fonts to fit your style.

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Animated Dashboards PowerPoint Templates from Premast


1- dashi Social Media Dashboard Report Presentation


dashboards presentations

Dashboards are one of the greatest tools that could be used to explain numbers and make an understood version of everything going on. We understand that dashboards templates are really for any field but when we talk about numeric and complicated information, Social media reports become so obvious. We mean despite that social media platforms are now providing metrics, dashboards, and calculations to give a clear vision for the user but to deliver this vision to a client is very hard and tricky. That’s why we thought of adding to Dashi dashboards Bundle extra social media dashboards template that helps you get the best of social media tools. Whatever platform you are using Facebook, Linked in, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tik Tok or etc. Our product Dashboard PowerPoint Template will fit.


2- dashi SaaS Dashboard Report Presentation Template PPT


dashboards PowerPoint templates

dashboards PowerPoint templates

SaaS Dashboard Report Presentation Template PPT is ready for those who like to work perfectly with the data. Adding to our Dashi Bundle, SaaS dashboards, all design to serve the field of this cloud-based service. We introduce high-quality designs in PowerPoint Format that work on SaaS data. Detailed dashboards outlay to track, analyze and report SaaS to others. Metrics make or break SaaS technology as without knowing how you are developing and applying you won’t know how to grow. All included KPIs and metrics related to the SaaS. Using such a SaaS Dashboard PowerPoint design empowers you to visualize your data and make the numeric data understandable.


3- dashi Project Plan Dashboard Report Presentation

dashboards PowerPoint templates

dashboards PowerPoint templates


dashi Project Plan Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation Report is ready for anyone looking to track their project timeline effectively. A whole PowerPoint template that contains different layouts for project dashboards to change your numeric data into understood ones. With this Project Plan Reporting Dashboard PPT, You now can track, analyze, share, and present your timeline data with visuals that empower your content. Such a dashboard ppt is great for project managers to use as you will find different layouts that you can totally utilize to fit your projects.


4- dashi Sales Dashboard Report PPT Presentation

dashboards PowerPoint templates

Comprehensive Sales Dashboard Report PPT Presentation contains and presents busy layouts for business performance reporting. These dashboard ppt templates introduce professional insight tools into the business and management sector. This dashboard presentation template provides a big collection of data-drive charts and graphs to visualize and simplify complex data in a comprehensive view. Sales and management dashboards are useful business visual tools to display ultimate KPIs. The data charts reflected on dashboards present an overview of performance and insights on improved productivity. Enable the viewers to view different performances on charts at once and identify the place that needs attention.

5- dashi Annual Report Presentation PPT


dashboards PowerPoint templates

Annual Report dashboard presentation PPT template designed to help you report your year in the most professional style. Introducing this annual dashboard report to you aiming to help you present your data briefly and fast. Using the dashi annual report enables you to present, share, report, and analyze your year effectively.

All possible needed dashboards are included in this visual annual report PowerPoint template such as Business, Marketing, Sales, SEO, Social Media, Financial, and even Medical. The fact that these organized, well-designed, and modern dashboards slides are different and versatile inspires the user to cover all areas in their annual report.

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