10 Top Notch Business Presentations Designed by Women of Premast

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
March 16, 2023

It’s March, the month of women. We all celebrate, the power of women is in everything around us, especially in Premast. We see it all the time with our beloved team.

We all celebrate women’s months by mentioning all the great things women did all over history but here at Premast we decided to share with you some of the most significant business templates our women designers created over the past year.

We are proud of our amazing team of creators starting with the design team lead Tasneem, you’ll find in this article different styles that represent how uniquely, versatile, and outstanding visions of other women, with different backgrounds and different tastes, would look like.

Not only business PowerPoint templates but also graphics icons and more. All included items are fully editable, and you can make them your own. let’s start by sharing 10 top-notch business PowerPoint templates created by women designers in Premast.


Presentations Designed by women in Premast🌸


1-Mantra PowerPoint Presentation Template

Mantra PowerPoint presentation template is a multiple purposes presentation that you can use in different situations. It is a presentation template that includes different layouts that can be adjusted to work in different fields. It is inspired by a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it has a minimalist design theme with clear colors. If you are working with photos there is a diversity of images that can be replaced. All the ppt are focused on highly attractive visuals and vivid colors. Download it now and have the perks of multiple uses.


2- Business & Teamwork Illustration Set


Business and Teamwork illustration set created with a modern style to fit different design projects. This teamwork’s original illustrations are fully editable and can be utilized to fit different concepts and platforms. All included elements are 100% vector.
Download it now!

3 -Quilosse – Creative Business Presentation Template

This Presentation Template can be used for any variety of purposes, such as: Company Profile, Corporate, and Business, Creative Agency, Fashion, Photography, Portfolio, Pitch Deck,
and also can be used for Personal Portfolio. This Persentation Template contains Modern, Creative, Professional, and Unique Layouts.


4- Marketingu – Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template


Marketingu – Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template is a new addition to our collection. These visual slides are created elegantly to fit the premium feel of an agency. Using our redish PowerPoint template feels unique, as you have multiple slides to inspire you to present insights and information probably. All slides included are fully editable and can be customized to fit your own content.

Marketing agencies, departments, and freelancers can utilize Marketingu Template for multiple uses. The slides in this presentation template cover different areas starting with information about the company or entity to teams and timelines. Download it now.


5- Finance & Banking Illustration Pack

Finance & Banking illustrations of very high quality that you can use in any commercial use in order to explain the World of money, credit, investment, payment services…etc

6- N O Y A – Minimal Business PowerPoint Template

N O Y A – Minimal business PowerPoint Template, one of the world’s best business plan templates for PowerPoint is now available on Premast, including different layouts. Noya has is a minimal, professional collection of business plan slides that will help you win over your audience with ease.

Let your ideas take flight with our sleek, minimal PowerPoint templates. Our templates are designed to get your message across quickly – and powerfully. Create rousing presentations for investors, coworkers, customers, or friends and family.

7- Pitchtrick Pitch deck PowerPoint Presentation Template

Pitchtrick Pitch deck PowerPoint Presentation Template is a new template for start-ups and entrepreneurs who seek investment. This template is fully editable, but you will barely need to change a thing. We designed it to fit all the needed aspects of a Pitch deck in a very fine style. A style that will fit modern businesses.

With infographics, tables, image placeholders, and spaces to add charts and insert data, you can be sure you will create a kicker Pitch deck template that sells your idea big. Download it now and enjoy the results.

8- IRIS – Business Agency Presentation Template


IRIS- Business Agency Presentation Template. If you’re working for a creative agency and want to attract new customers, this template will be a very effective tool for you, as it explains how your professional business agency can help companies to build their business and share it with the World. Moreover, it explains everything you want to clarify to your customer like How to boost your marketing and sales with our agency which develops your business and take it to the next level, description of services (Digital marketing, consultant, Design graphic), the Best solution for your needs in an organized way, how your agency offers creative solutions for business to be succeeded.


9- Business & Finance Icon Set

10 – Pasific – Corporate PowerPoint Template

Pasific – Corporate PowerPoint Template is suitable for presenting all things related to Corporates.  This presentation can be modified to fit different Business Purposes.
This Presentation can be used for any type of presentation: Portfolio, Company Profile, Multipurpose, Creative Agency, and can be used for Custom Production. It is professionally designed with a modern touch to represent your company image as it should be. Pacific – Corporate PowerPoint Template is fully editable.


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