January Showcase: Recently Added, Most Popular and more pf PowerPoint Templates

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
January 18, 2021

January is here – Hi; it’s a new month, a new set of very special PowerPoint Presentation templates that fit different categories and can be used for different purposes. On a monthly basis, we deliver our newest designed template for you along with our recommendations for what is trendy in the market and what would be useful for your needs. You will find options that serve your content in the best way. Business ppt templates with all it’s branches, Medical templates, educational, and much more.

It’s known that all our templates are fully changeable and can be totally customized to fit different needs and styles.  providing a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to color palettes and layouts. Choosing to use an image place holder make it more professional to add images. Vector icons give the user an opportunity to adjust each icon’s size, shape, and color. And now to these monthly goodies.


Recently Added PowerPoint Templates


1-dashi Annual Report Presentation PPT

Annual Report dashboard presentation PPT template designed to help you report your year in the most professional style. Introducing this annual dashboard report to you aiming to help you present your data briefly and fast. Using the dashi annual report enables you to present, share, report, and analyze your year effectively.

2-Ropotox 2021 Multipurpose Presentation Template

Multipurpose Presentation Template is designed to encourage the practical people who want a PowerPoint presentation that fill most needs. This Multipurpose powerpoint Template includes different types of layouts that for sure meet your expectations. It will work as a company portfolio where you can tell a lot about your work.

3-Timeline Infographics – PowerPoint Presentation Template

Timeline Infographics Presentation Template for PowerPoint to present, track, and analyze your project’s performance. A comprehensive Project Timeline Infographic presentation for all kinds of projects you can think of. This template includes a wide range of timeline infographic in different shapes and layouts. A collection of timelines that fit all project needs.

4-Business Strategy Presentation Template PPT

Business Strategy Presentation Template PPT designed to help you present and share your business plan in detail. This full and comprehensive PowerPoint template focuses on the modern component of a business plan. This business growth plan presentation enables you with analysis and planning tools, that guide your thought and ideas to create your next step.

5- Europe Maps Presentation Template for PowerPoint

Europe Maps Presentation Template for PowerPoint to use in your presentation about Europe. This PowerPoint template representing European countries. You may not use it only for geography but also in your business planning, analysis, and reporting. The fact that this Europe PowerPoint template is fully editable and you can customize it to fit your needs and style. You can recolor, resize, and reorganize your slides to fit the use you desire.

6- Brand Guideline Builder PowerPoint Presentation Template

Brand Guideline Builder PowerPoint Presentation Template to present your logo perfectly. You can use this template to share your brand guidelines with other interested parties. And if you are a designer you can totally use it to introduce your branding designs to your customers. The key with this PowerPoint template is it’s professional and got all the widgets that you may need to present your creative branding project. It’s a minimal style template that fits different preferences and goes with any color palette you may use.

Top Downloaded PowerPoint Templates


1-Project Timeline PowerPoint Infographics Presentation

Time is important so save it and track it in one template. In this template, you will find over 30 slides for timeline infographics that fit different fields and uses. You can utilize it to fit your brand and needs.

2-Mantra PowerPoint Presentation Template

Mantra PowerPoint presentation template is a multiple purposes presentation that you can use in a different situation. It is a presentation template that includes different layouts that can be adjusted to work in different fields. It is inspired by a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it has a minimalist design theme with clear colors. If you are working with photos there is a diversity of images that can be replaced. All the ppt is focused on highly attractive visuals and vivid colors. Download it now and have the perks of multiple uses.

3-dashi SaaS Dashboard Report Presentation Template PPT

SaaS Dashboard Report Presentation Template PPT is ready for those who like to work perfectly with the data. Adding to our Dashi Bundle, SaaS dashboards, all design to serve the field of this cloud-based service. We introduce high-quality designs in PowerPoint Format that work on SaaS data. Detailed dashboards outlay to track, analyze, and report SaaS to others. Metrics make or break SaaS technology as without knowing how you are developing and applying you won’t know how to grow. All included KPIs and metrics related to the SaaS. Using such a SaaS Dashboard PowerPoint design empowers you to visualize your data and make the numeric data understandable.

4- ICO Business Plan Presentation PowerPoint Template

ICO PowerPoint Presentation (initial coin offering Presentation) is designed to meet your expectation in a template, Cryptocurrency illustrations, informative data, and infographics. you will also find charts, graphs, and graphics to deliver the perfect Token Presentation.

Handpicked PowerPoint Templates


1-dashi Sales Dashboard Report PPT Presentation

Comprehensive Sales Dashboard Report PPT Presentation contains and presents busy layouts for business performance reporting. These dashboard ppt templates introduce professional insight tools into the business and management sector. This dashboard presentation template provides a big collection of data-drive charts and graphs to visualize and simplifies complex data in a comprehensive view. Sales and management dashboards are useful business visual tools to display ultimate KPIs. The data charts reflected on dashboards present an overview of performance and insights on improved productivity. Enable the viewers to view different performances on charts at once and identify the place that needs attention.

2- Online Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

The online education PowerPoint presentation template is ready to go. Due to the situations, the world is seeing right now social distancing is a must and so does distance education. That’s why we were inspired to create an online education PowerPoint presentation template. An education ppt that motivates the educational process to continue. An online education ppt is designed to fit different needs and purposes.

3- Medical Equipment PowerPoint Presentation – PPT

Here is a Medical Equipment PowerPoint Presentation designed to fit a diversity of options to use. A medical PPT is mainly based on clean lines, clear design, and practical outlays. Such complex and built up data needs visual tools that simplify it out to the audience and organize the receiving of this information.


4- dashi KPI Dashboard Report PowerPoint Presentation

Dashi KPI – Dashboard Report PowerPoint Presentation is a PowerPoint template to report metrics, KPIs, and project development status. Everybody needs a tool that tracks and visuals performance progress, not just that, having a KPI dashboard makes it possible to share information in the understood form. To deliver the results and conclusions of a certain case, you will find different slides that fit multiple options and fields.

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