Premast Plus Recently Added Items – Presentations Templates and Insurance Icons

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
April 16, 2022

We have recently added more templates for you. Premast Plus newly added items are here for this week, we introduce a group of new slides and icons’ set for insurance.
Below you will find a list of the new templates which we have added to the app recently

Before getting deeper into it, don’t forget to take a look at our Ramadan Illustrations editor

Presentations are an essential part of putting together a well-prepared session. Presentations slides and icons sets can provide a base for any presentation and make it appealing for the audience.

The templates are made in such a way that they can be easily customized, so you can present your project in the best possible way. They are not just limited to presentations but also include slide designs, icons sets, and other graphic elements that can help you in your design work.

Presentation templates come with a lot of benefits which include:

– They are easy to customize as they have multiple design options.

– You get access to beautiful graphics at an affordable price.

– It will help you prepare faster as these templates come with pre-built layouts and color schemes which saves time on




1- Easter Slides


Easter Slides to celebrate easter in the best designs. You can add them to a presentation or use them as cards to send love to friends and family. Happy designs that add fun and colors to the eye. Sure, you can make them to your own taste and add your text.


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2- Sales Slide

A slide design for sales executives to report semi-annual to the management. You can also use it if you report to clients. It’s fully editable and can be customized easily. All charts are editable to insert your own data.

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3- Business Dashboard Slide



Business dashboard Slide that gives the user a professional feel. The layout of the slide enables you to present data through charts, numbers, and text. It’s fully editable, you can adjust the charts to represent your data and adjust them to any type of value.

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4- Services Slide


A modern minimalistic design that works for a variety of ideas. You can edit it all, change colors, add text and add images with an image placeholder. The icons on the right side of the slide are changeable too you can access icons with Premast Plus and add them on.

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5- Starting Point Slide



Add this to your pitch deck as a starting point to kick off strong. This slide is a great presentation opener, it is totally easy to make it what you want. The space where you add numbers is really catchy and you can attract the eyes to an important point

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6- About Us Slide 



Regardless of the cute baby hand, you can use this slide to talk about your company in brief. You can edit this slide and create an about us introduction. The perfect slide as it includes text, image placeholder, and icons.

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7- Team Slide

Minimal team slide that you can use to introduce your team probably. It includes the team member’s name and title. You can also add percentages for skill by using the pie chart. Change the photo and make sure it’s professional.


8- About Us

Another slide about us added to our collection, it’s a different style. Where you can change the background of the slide with an image of your own. It’s fully editable and trendy.

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9- Our service Infographic

This is an infographic slide that can be used to present different services, processes, or projects. You can get creative with it and create presentation slides that work for multiple situations.

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10 – Ring Infographics

Ring infographic Slides with different layouts that fit many tastes. You can create with it multiple slides and present multiple ideas. It is fully editable, you can change colors, insert title and add new icons. Totally new designs for new business.

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Insurance Icons set

A beautiful icons’ set, for insurance companies to use. They are colorful and can be added to your presentation or any kind of design in general. As seen the icons are for the finance and insurance field, with the pie chart, coins bag, calendar, and target sign. They are 3D icons

 View icons

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