Premast Plus Recently Added Items – Presentations Slides & Valentine’s Day Illustrations

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
January 28, 2022

Creating an astonishing design is the key master for a killer presentation as well as keeping your audience’s attention. Recently, there is a study that goes against the concept that says audience attention peaks during the first 15 minutes of the presentation then starts to descend, Instead, the group’s attention was actually impacted by other factors, those factors are:


  1. The material is in the presenter’s Powerpoint slides.
  2. The sense and use of humor in presentation.
  3. The harmony of the presenter and audience.


We took on our shoulders to provide your presentation with amazing ready-designed slides and left for you the humor and harmony, We wish you a successful presentation, let’s get to it

Note, you can like all the items and access them later in the Favorit tab in your plugin 😉

Presentations Slides


1- Market Share Slide


Market share slide is a bi-chart that you can fill with different data such as( your market share, your expenses, or even your target audience). Each color represents a different section that you can write a brief about. It’s an easy and simple way to share your data in meetings or presentations for your audience.

View slide

2- Growth Infographic Slide


Growth infographic slide is created with a modern style. It helps you present your growth data in a different and creative way, with three different stages that can easily be modified to suit your data 

view slide


3- Bar Chart Slide


Bar chart slide is designed to make it easy and simple for you to share your data. It’s editable so you can change the number of categories. You can share more than one element all together

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4- Lamp Infographic Slide


Lamp infographic slide is a creative design. It gives you the ability to present your data attractively with a chart to compare different elements and the option of editing it to fit your needs.

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5- Iceberg Infographic Slide 


Iceberg infographic slide describes the iceberg theory, which suggests that aggregated data can hide information that is important for the proper evaluation of a situation. Now you can mention this information to give a full idea of the situation in your presentation

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6- Key Action Item Slide


(Key action items) slide is made for you to present your must be done actions. You can write some little details about each one and present them. which makes it easier to deliver your plan through the presentation.  With stunning 3D graphics

View slide


7- Our Strategy Slide


Our strategy slide is created to make your mission a little easier. It helps you present your strategy clearly. When you divide your strategy into sections and explain each of them individually. Which makes your presentation fulfill its purpose.

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8- Business Strategy Successful

Business strategy slide. Because business strategies are so important. It is crucial to present them probably and this slide is created to help you do so. It’s also fully editable to match your brand needs.

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9- Colorful Business Organizational Chart Infographic Slide


Colorful business organizational chart infographic slide. is structured to be used to assist you in introducing your team members’ names and positions in the hierarchy. You can change the number of employers and colors used to present your team in the best way possible 

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10- Business Circle Infographic Elements Colorful With 6 Steps Slide



Business circle infographic slide is designed to save your time. All you need is to fill it with  your data, you will have to prepare the input and present it easily and smoothly

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11- Company History Slide

Company history slide . We all know it’s not easy to start a business and how proud we are about every step this business takes to grow. Using this slide you will be able to present the history of your company and mention milestones and obstacles you had to face.

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12- Our Services Slide


Our services slide is created to help you present your services and activities that generate profit in meetings and presentations clearly. You can modify it to fit your branding

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13- Meet Our CEO Slide


Meet our CEO slide is created to help you introduce yourself or someone else, mention skills, personal objectives, and brief about the professional experience in the presentation.  It helps present yourself properly                

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14- SWOT Analysis Slide


SWOT analysis slide is a mockup designed to help present the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that your business faces. It delivers your analysis to the audience easily and clearly 

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15- Hospital Helicopter Service Slide


Hospital helicopter service slide is modern and trendy to use in the medical field. You can add the services this helicopter does and write a description about each of them

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Valentines’ Day illustrations are drawn in a romantic feel to create stunning designs. You can design presentations, cards, social media designs, or any visuals you will use to celebrate the occasion. All of the illustrations are fully editable and can be customized for any design.

View illustrations

These are some of our recently added items in the assets library. You can check out Premast Plus daily for more creative and fresh designs that help your content to be more lively and presentations to be more clear and easy. 

All the items are fully editable and accessible through the powerpoint plug-in.


We are excited to invite you to our private community. Where you can share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. You can find all the new updates, join our discussions learn new tips also enjoy communicating with others. 


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