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An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest | PowerPoint PPT


.”An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest,” a quote said by Benjamin Franklin. As much as it seemed a little complicated to understand but it simply means that any investment you will do on your self will pay off in different areas of life. Continuous learning and development is a great thing you can do to yourself. Every successful figure we know is a reader and a learner. Starting with taking action of baby steps. We encourage you to use this design to share it and develop it, shall you one day tell your investment story.

This An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest is in a simple unique design with a blue color theme. Beneath the title, there is a space form description of the famous quote and a two percentage bars underneath it. With modern illustrations that reflect the process of learning and developing skills such as books, trees, and studying figures.

Download our design for a very important quote for the PowerPoint template and share the concept. If you think you need to reflect on it differently, you can totally edit it and create your own version. Color themes, illustrations, fonts all are editable.

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An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest

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