Premast Plus Recently Added Items – Presentations Templates

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
May 21, 2022

Another week another post for recently added items from premaster plus here we mentioned some examples of our recently added presentation slides icons or illustrations. Don’t forget that you can like them and find them in your favorites inside the plug-in. In PowerPoint or Google Slides And again you can join our community to vote and tell us what you want to see on Premast Plus it’s a private community, you are super welcome to enter.


You will find a lot of presentations below that works for insurance, business, pitch deck designs, medical and more. you can always get creative and take one thing and change it and change it into another and present it to your audience add previous plus we are always playing around and changing the outlays of the design to inspire your presentations and now let’s get to it and see some examples of the recently added presentation templates.



Application Of Creative Resources Slide

Introducing a new slide four presentations that is designed in a clean line feel. this slide is fully editable and as we see can be used for administrationsyou can use it as a cover for your presentations or add it in the middle to start demonstrating a new point.



Business Assurance Slide



When you talk about this slide you will think that it’s for team slide but actually this site can be used for your services. we believe that adding images and vectors for human factors representing your service could be a great way into sending your message and presenting your content of services that your company provides



Business Process of Identifying Slide


Another slide that you can use as a cover for your presentation or a cover for a new category in your presentation what’s really nice about this slide is that it includes three image placeholders where you can add images that represent your brand or the topic you are talking about it’s again fully customized and can be used in multiple presentations and for different reasons



Corporate Benefits Slide

This is slide is a little bit different as it it helps you add a numeric valuable like if you are providing St services you can mention service one service two and service 3 all you can use it to represent your gallery or portfolio.



Creative Industries Slides



This corporate benefit slide helps you too add benefits and features of your entity actually it includes a lot of factors that would make it look really professional and deliver many points at once for example you have an image placeholder you have boxes and spaces where you can highlight specific benefits um actually you can highlight St benefits and you have a place to to add statement




Creative Solution Slide


A slide for creative industries this slide is like we took a piece out of a website where you can add pictures for your products or the clients you have worked with. digital marketing agencies and take houses can really use this slide as part of their portfolio.



Investment Planning Slide


I slide designed for you to add your values and represent them visually and in text you can fully edit and change this slide to fit your presentation and content make it friendly to your brand and you are ready to kick off and convince people with what you are having to sell

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