Premast Plus Recently Added Items – Presentations Templates and Mother Day’s Illustrations

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
April 30, 2022

A new week and a new blog post for the recently added items, templates, illustrations, or icons. We do our best every week to provide you with designs that you actually need that’s why it’s very important for us to ask you on a weekly basis what categories of designs you think we should add to the website or add more of on the website if you’re asking this happens every Monday on our private community you can join from here


The thing about the designs that we create is they are fully editable and can be customized to fit your need and style. You can find all the items included in Premast Plus plugin on PowerPoint and Premaster Plus add-on on Google Slides. Don’t forget that you can also share it with others and create shareable files. We are developing continuously so if you have any ideas that you can share with us would be more than happy to hear in the comments section below. and now to some of this week’s creations.


 Welcome Message Slide 

Starting your presentation with the right slide makes all the difference. Here is a slide for you to write your welcome message where you can set the vibe of your session. of course, it’s fully editable and you can adjust it to fit your needs and brand guidelines. what’s the weather perspective it can be used for many other situations.

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 What We Provide To You Slide

This slide is perfect for introducing your company and sharing the benefits of your services. It’s designed with an out laser to help you organize your ideas and presented you will find spaces for text images and you can add a  quote. Choosing the right color palette will make it stand out for sure.

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Your Satisfaction  is Our Priority Slide

Here’s another layout added to our collection. It is with a minimal style where the slide is divided into two parts, the upper part is for affection where you can change it using the image placeholder and the below part is for text. As seen in the left section you can add your marketing message or the phrase you want your audience to focus on and in the right section you can just describe it and explain it to them

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About History Slide

The company history slide is so important to exit and connect the audience with the past of your success. With Martin and clean line design you can use this slide for other topics all you have to do is choose the right pictures to represent it and of course, you can always access tons of images from premast plus inside the PowerPoint or Google Slides

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It’s About Making Ideas Happen

As seen by now this week’s design is sponsored by minimalists this is this manual design can be used for adding your ideas or to highlight some qualities that you want to express to your audience of course you can always play around with it and change its brand guideline to create your own slides it’s better presentation and taste

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Our Great Teamwork Slide

We cannot miss adding team slides to our weekly upload. As we know how much it’s important to the owner and mention your team during a presentation, for example on a pitch deck or something. This design is simple and effortless. All you need to do is insert the picture of the team members, their titles, name, and a small brief about them.

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 Project Benefits Slide

This slide is with a professional outlay it includes big space for text plus staples you can which you can use for comparison or mentioning your subscriptions or as seen in this slide you can use it for to mention the tangible and intangible benefits the slides is fully editable and you can change the text image color and everything about it to get the slide you want.

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 Projected Price Plan Slide

Another pricing slide is added this project price plan slide is designed in are unique outlay with suite different tables for three different levels of subscriptions as seen it includes space for text icons and buttons for the call to actions. it’s like you took a screenshot out of a website and included in your presentation.

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Ring Infographics Slides


Another collection of ring infographics is different round-shaped that you can use for multiple uses to mention your process benefits services or any multiple values it’s fully editable you can change color text fonts icons and everything.

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Mother’s Day illustrations


Mother’s Day is around the corner and we all are preparing to celebrate our mothers in the best way possible. We decided at Premast Plus to celebrate it our own way, so we created these amazing colorful illustrations that you can use in your Mother’s Day designs. These designs can be used in different forms you can download it as SVG and use it on different mediums and designs not only presentations. You can check out more, just click on the link

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