Premast Plus Recently added Items- Presentation Slides &Profit And Loss Icons & Disabilities Illustrations

By : Donia Ahmed
February 10, 2022

One way of creating an amazing and mind-blowing presentation is using data visualization. Which includes graphs, charts, radials, and icons. Visuals directly affect your presentation when used correctly. It can make your presentation a masterpiece and deliver your ideas perfectly. So, in the article below we will show you some amazing designs, that sure will help you.

Note, you can like all the items and access them later in the Favorite tab in your plugin ūüėČ.

 1- 6 Steps Financial Planning Process slide

steps to financial plan

6 Steps Financial Planning Process slide is used to facilitate delivering your financial steps in detail (Establish, fix financial goals, gather required data, Analyses and evaluate, implement, monitor and review). You can modify it to fit your financial requirements. 

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2- 6 Steps Financial Planning Process slide

6 steps financial plan

6 Steps Financial Planning Process slide #2 is another form of financial planning with the same steps that can also be modified to fulfil the requirements and needs of your presentation.

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3- About Our Best Products slide

best product

About Our Best Products slide. This slide can help you present your products to your customers, investors or your partners. You can add your product with a little brief about each one.                    

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4-Answering Key Questions slide

Answering Key Questions slide is added in the presentation so you can mention  your key questions and their answers. It’s necessary in your presentation that you can identify and answer the questions of your project

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5- Our Physical Products slide

our physical product

Our Physical Products slide, which you can use to present your physical goods. You can write a description of your products and add photos about each item you offer. It’s adjustable to fit your products

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6-Mockup slide


SmartPhone Mockup slide is designed to help you present your product. You can add a mockup of a product and mention its features and characteristics. You can also mention cost and revenue expected

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7- Our Locations slide

our locations

Our Locations slide is used in presentations to show the places you work in or the branches of your institution. You can also change the number of locations.  This makes it easier for your clients to find you. 

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8- Pricing Plan slide


Our Pricing Plans slide is used in the presentation to show in detail the different pricing range you have.  And what each plan can offer your clients. Putting them side by side makes it  easier for the decision maker to see and analyse the difference between them and choose what’s best for them.

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9- Battery Infographic Chart slide

battery infographic

Battery Infographic slide is designed to show options and what’s the difference¬† between each of them. You can write descriptions about each option to help your users make their decision. ¬† ¬†

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10- Financial Investments slide

financial investments

Financial Investments slide. You can use it in your presentation to show what financial investment is and why it’s really important. Mention the benefits your project will have and how it will affect your growth.

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11- Project Title Here slide

title here

Project Title Here slide. It’s about presenting someone and their role in a project. So you can mention their name, their title, and information about the project. You can also add a description about them.

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12- Medical Infographic slide

medical infographic

Medical Infographic slide, which is created for you to share medical information. It makes delivering your idea to your audience easier. You can mention more than one category of options  and write a description about each one.   

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13-Gallery slide


A Picture Is A Worth With A Thousand Words slide. It’s a visual slide designed for you to share some photos. It will support your presentation and highlight  your idea which will make it easier to be delivered 

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14- Welcome Message slide

welcome message

Welcome Message slide. It is designed to write the welcome message in your presentation.   It can be a quote or any message to start your presentation with

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15- Budget Allocation slide

budget allocation

Budget allocation slide is designed to help you present your budget.  It shows how you dived the budget to cover your expenses to the audience interested whether they are external partners or internal ones

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Profit/Loss icon set

icon set

Profit and delivery loss icons set is designed to add life to your courier presentation. We know in the business world that what important is achieving profits and avoiding loss as possible . In this set you will find amazing visuals that will communicate your presentation stronger than words,  you only need to pick the right icon and adjust it to fit your slide. All icons are fully editable and available in Premast Plus Plugin.

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New illustration items

illustrations 1


New illustrations about disabilities are designed to nourish your content and presentation ( a man waving, a woman waving,  a woman reading, a blind woman walking, a man) . We hope they  help your ideas to be delivered faster and easier.

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Those are some of the recently added items in the Assets library for this week. You can check out Premast-Plus for more. You will find every day some new assets that will nourish your presentation. All the items are also accessible in PowerPoint through our plug-in and will be available in google slides soon.

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