Premast: June 2019 Uploads, Free Slides and More!

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
July 17, 2019
free slides

Each month we do our best to introduce the best designs templates that benefit you in different ways. Presentation templates in a PowerPoint format is the main product we provide in addition to different designs elements, free slides and icons. In this article we will show our uploads giving you a hint on how to use them.

Our Presentation Templates:

1- Dashi Dashboared PowerPoint Template

free slides

Dashi is a dashboard powerpoint presentation template focus on helping you present your numbers the best way possible…… We have designed these dashboards slides to fit any business needs to transform definite metrics and KPIs to understandable numbers and actual results that affect their revenue. This template contains +40 slides in various fields for different purposes. Whatever​ you are working on, you need alignment of measuring numbers and presenting your success.

::: Note: We at Premast are planning to add extra slides to cover all potential aspects on a ​monthly basis​, so buy now and keep yourself updated for free

2- Education PowerPoint Template

free slides

Education – PowerPoint Presentation Template from Premast is designed to fit any project needs for universities, schools, studies and much more. It’s designed that your audience stay tuned in your presentation and never lose focus. Professional and flexible to customize template to deliver your message. You can utilize it for different purposes in an easy way.

3- Simplx Business plan Template

free slides

Simplex Business Plan is another PowerPoint template for business enthusiasts, at Premast we provided all what you may need in one pouch, unlimited options to be creative and all the tools to have a practical presentation that fits your vision, have it now.

Free Slides:

1- Crypto Currency Slides:

free slides

-Crypto Infographics-

Other related templates:

Crypto Mobile

Block IT 

Bitcoin Transaction 

Crypto Business


free slides

-Logistics Infographics 1-

Other related slides:

Logistics Infographic 2

Warehouse Infographic 1

Warehouse Infographic 2 

3- Pareto Infographic Slides:

free slides

-Pareto Principle-

Other related Slides

Pareto Principle 2

Pareto Graph 

Pareto People 

80/20 Infographic

4- Mountains Infographics Slides

free slides

-Mountain Champion –

Other Related Slides:

Up To The Iceberg

Climbers Journey 

Alps Infographic

Mountain Levels

Here you go with our June 2019 Uploads, we are always here to support guys and don’t forget to check out our other templates 🙂


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