November Plus Buzz: Premast Plus Updates & News

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
December 7, 2022

November Plus Buzz🔥🔥

Another month passed by, and we are closer to the end of this year, on good terms, we hope. In this article, we will go over all the big moments of November. Creating a unique experience for our is as usual don’t the top of our list. We have been working on a couple of unique designs for you.

This month we came up with a whole new project called “Premast Planner”.  Anyone can use it to visually plan, we will talk about it later. Besides working on development and releasing it to the public to test and use, we plan to launch on the Product Hunt website as we have a great community of supporters and users there, we will share more on it below. We had some improvements and fixes to make, aiming to always meet your needs. Premast team created stunning assets to enrich our library with up-to-date and trendy elements and for you to stay on top of things with modern designs.


Premast Planner








Our Premast Planner is here, we are proud to share it with you guys this month. Premast Planner is a tool built for startups, teams, and solo entrepreneurs. To visualize their ideas, get planning more efficient, and execution easier. You will find popular tools and templates that fit your needs. Get creative and have fun planning!


✔️Multiple charts and tools to choose from
✔️ Colorful sticky notes to insert your ideas and content
✔️100 Popular google fonts list with preview to select from
✔️ Icons to have a more interactive pleasing experience
✔️ Image drag and drop from your device
✔️ The ability to export Png and SVG

Included Templates to use:

  • The Business Model Canvas (BMC)
  • Persona Canvas
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • BCG Growth-Share Matrix
  • The Project Canvas
  • The Team Canvas
  • The Digital Marketing Canvas
  • The Lean Canvas
  • Customer Journey Canvas
  • SWOT Canvas
  • Daily planner

We also had a launch on Product Hunt and it was pretty awesome, we even ended up being the 5th product of the day. Here is even some feedback that really made us happy and excited to develop our product and make it more beneficial to our users.

Customize Your designs

Now you can easily request a custom design. We at Premast have activated this service recently where you can easily request a custom design where we create something special for you from scratch. All you need to do is submit a form including your content. Let’s try it out here

November Popular Items on Premast Plus 

Introducing the most popular items to inspire you and share what people like. Slides, illustrations, and icons.


This month we created plenty of slides for you to use, we cared to include all new and trendy topics and we always ask you to recommend the categories you need more of in our private community. We listen and we deliver.

Check more out, download, and use



This month was exciting as we are preparing for the holiday month with new illustrations.


As icons are an important part of our monthly uploads, we created them for next month as well Christmas icons pack.

Check more out, download, and use


Premast Plus Press📢

Check it out

We witnessed a lot of mentioning and talking about Premast Plus all over Twitter. Mentioned in a couple of YouTube videos.
It was a blessing to communicate with new communities and mentioned them across the web, excited for the upcoming month, April is already exciting for us. Quarter 1 of 2022 is done and the other three to embrace👏🚀
Don’t forget to join our private community to know everything first and at a glance

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